Changes in the appearance that have been introduced by Samsung have made this phone the most gorgeous piece of tech that you can have. Thanks to the larger and curved screen S8 is the best-looking smartphone in the world!

Samsung’s 5.8inch screen covers 80% of its front and together with the curved edges this screen looks as if there are no borders at all. This amazing screen needed to have a special name and Samsung decided to call it the Infinity Display, which is pretty suitable. But that is not all, Galaxy S8 operates with the OLED technology which gives it livelier colours and better images.

S8 is actually made from 2 symmetrical pieces of glass which are smaller than usual, making this phone a delight to hold and place in your pocket when you are not using it.

The only minor setback is its voice interface Bixby. Luckily it is still in its developmental process and it is optional to use. Also, the fingerprint sensor which is placed at the back right next to the camera can easily lead to smudged lenses making this a minor issue.

Source: Business Insider

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