Everyone loves a good movie. Even more so about the profession they are in. But there are so many out there that you may not know what to watch next. Or that you have already seen them a few times. Well, that is why we have gathered and created this list of seven business movies to watch.  

Hopefully, we will introduce you to your new personal business movie classic. Maybe even to gather more of an insight into EX (employee experience) with some of them that you can be aware of or work into your workplace. So, grab your popcorn, and let’s check them out.  

Velvet Buzzsaw (2019) 

Screenshot from Velvet Buzzsaw of artists look at an artwork

Netflix’s “Velvet Buzzsaw” looks at business through the eyes of art gallery owners aiming to make a lot of money. To the point that the integrity of the artwork is lost. This slightly supernatural but highly dark humour/satirical look at contemporary art can be a great escape. While highlighting the absurdity of greed for art and the consequences of it.   

The Assistant (2020) 

“The Assistant” is about Jane (Julia Garner) who is a junior assistant working for a very powerful entertainment executive. It is her first job after college in the film industry that she aims to be a part of. However, as time goes on, Jane grows aware of abuse within the workplace that will threaten her position. Watch the effects of someone’s else power going too far from the point of view of some below them.  

The Billionaire (2011) 

Tom is a young man with business on his mind, much more than schoolwork. “The Billionaire” follows him as he tries to get a business to work not only for his goals but also to support his family. He may not always find support, but he does find the power within himself to pull through to success. This foreign film from Thailand can motivate the audience with Tom’s willingness to keep going, get better in business, try new things, and never give up.  

Rocket Singh: salesman of the Year (2009) 

close up of lead character look over his work cubic in "Rocket Singh: salesman of the Year" (2009) one of the business movies about sales

If you want to watch a guide on how to interact with clients, then India’s “Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year” is the one for you. This inspiring movie makes our list of the business movies to watch since it shows the lead Harpreet Singh Bedi (Ranbir Kapoor) practice and getting better with working with clients/customers.  

The Founder (2016) 

2016 brought us “The Founder” of McDonald’s. It is about Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton), who is a businessman that aimed to build the biggest fast-food chain in the world where burgers are made in half a minute instead of half an hour. He took the McDonald brothers to the next level. The movie shows the struggles of breaking away from the status quo by creating something new and faster (for the time).  

Chef (2014) 

Tons of people love food and to eat. But what about the people behind the food? What if they quit to follow their dreams of running their own food business? Well, this is what “Chef” explores. The best part of this film is that there is some truth behind it. Furthermore, it is a dramedy allowing you to take a break from work and get inspired by a top chef following his dream of creating fun food.  

Boiler Room (2000) 

Last, by not least, on our list of the best business movies to watch is “Boiler Room”. This story is about a college dropout with a rebellious side who starts working at an investment firm. However, there is more to it, looking at the trials of the fast route to being successful. The investment firm causes a lot of moral dilemmas for the characters, and the FBI joins in, causing more tension. Furthermore, the movie highlights the importance of decision-making not only in life but in business too.  

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There are plenty of business movies to watch, with more coming out year after year. The ones we mentioned are only the tip of the world of business. Some may inspire you, others may terrify you, all of them can make you question, and maybe some of them may make your personal list of your best business movies to watch.  

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