Spark, New Zealand’s telecommunications and digital services company, chooses to support 1500 employees in the multi-channel customer services with the help of Calabrio.

The cloud-first workforce management solution coming from Calabrio should enable Spark and other companies to balance customer and employee experiences. Its main purpose would be to introduce a new way of remote working through flexibility and employee empowerment methods. At the same time, the solution should deliver better service and achieve a flawless customer journey.

This long-desired solution became big news across industries. We highlight the benefits of such a platform for different stakeholders, starting from employees, team leaders, HR managers, contact centre agents, and customers themselves.

What Calabrio brings to Spark?

It comes to our attention that Calabrio, the customer experience intelligence company, introduced new workforce management (WFM) platform. Through various employee empowerment tools, intelligent automation, and other highly useful means, Calabrio’s WFM solution meets all the needs of today’s challenging environment, especially remote work dynamics that emerged during the pandemic.

Calabrio’s platform is designed to deliver a flawless experience for the customers no matter where the employees are. It is also meant to ensure more engagement and working flexibility for the employees. With that in mind, Spark decided to use Calabrio’s support and implement the workforce management (WFM) solution in the Unified Front Line initiative. In essence, this initiative should send resources where the customer is and manage demand across different touchpoints, including voice, digital, and in-person.

The Unified Front Line (UFL) is a new way of working at Spark, based on simplification, mobility and flexibility. Investing in the right tools is an important part of improving both the customer journey and the employee experience. Calabrio’s unique industry experience of delivering unified workforce management functionality across an organisation’s entire frontline was a key reason we selected this solution, Daniel Cooper, Digital Lead – Consumer Channels from Spark commented.

The one platform should cover 1500 Spark employees in over 80 different locations. Basically, employees will be able to move capacities between channels and sites according to the current customer demand. They will provide a constant response and high-quality services regardless of the selected channel.

Employee experience as a key priority

The employee experience remains an essential factor for Spark. MyTime, the Calabrio self-service mobile app, should provide advanced employee engagement options. Its main purpose is to give people more control over their work and life balance. Employees can use the app to enter shift preferences, process automatic holiday requests, move breaks, and much more. Equally important, they will have the opportunity to work in various environments and build their skills.

On top of that, MyTime supports leaders in daily activities. The app provides teams with key performance metrics, allowing people to make better decisions on the spot.

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