Adobe has released the results of its survey into the attitudes and predictions of European advertising agencies and professionals.

The survey reveals that 100 percent of brands are looking to take some (38 percent) or all (62 percent) of their programmatic ad-buying in-house by 2022. Meanwhile, 78 percent of agency marketing professionals surveyed agree that some elements of programmatic ad-buying will move in-house.

The survey suggests that when it comes to programmatic ad-buying, brands and agencies need to collaborate more closely to understand their roles.

Data and personalisation expected to be biggest challenge for programmatic success in 2018

In the survey, both brand and agency respondents highlighted several key opportunities and challenges for ad-buying in the year ahead. For all respondents, the biggest opportunities lie in the growth of programmatic TV (38 percent of brand respondents/56 percent of agency respondents) and full cross-screen measurement and optimisation (38 percent of brand respondents/22 percent of agency respondents).

For brand respondents, 2018 will see access to data for personalisation becoming their focus (33 percent); whereas for agencies effective measurement will be their more pressing goal (33 percent).

Investment in programmatic expected in increase in 2018

The survey also reveals that 2018 is set to be a watershed year for programmatic investment. In total, 86 percent of brand marketers and 89 percent of media agency marketers say their organisations are likely to spend more on programmatic in the year ahead.

Fifty-two percent of respondents from brands and 56 percent of agency respondents believe programmatic advertising will overtake TV as the most important part of their advertising strategy in 3-5 years.

Significantly, 14 percent of brand marketers in the survey say that it already has. This finding suggests that online audiences are becoming more powerful than broadcast.

Both brands and agencies recognise that one-size-fits-all advertising campaigns are becoming obsolete in today’s world. To succeed in a competitive market, delivering the right message to the right audience through the right channel is crucial. Customers expect more tailored experiences – and companies need to become experience-led. Providing in-the-moment campaigns that are compelling, useful, and that delight the customer at every touchpoint across all screens” says Philip Duffield, managing director of Adobe Advertising Cloud, EMEA.

He adds: Customers are increasingly moving from platform to platform; channel to channel. This creates countless opportunities to interact with your brand. To maximise these opportunities however – whether you are a brand or an agency – automated optimisation of campaign performance is vital. The rise in powerful, user-friendly tools and services for digital marketing, like Adobe Experience Cloud, mean compelling ad experiences can be delivered far more simply than many recognise; whether you are a brand looking to bring marketing in-house, or an agency seeking to refine your offering with a more powerful, transparent approach.”

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