As part of an occasional feature we focus on Nicky Bramley, Head of Customer Service at Adapt, who is one of the experienced Judges at this year’s Digital Experience Awards. We asked Nicky a few quirky questions to find more about the woman behind the title. He’s what Nicky had to say.

When did you last laugh and why?
Every morning – usually at myself!

What are you passionate about?
Man’s inhumanity to man
What is your favourite film?
Anything by the Coen Brothers

What mobile phone do you use?

Do you use on-line banking?

Nickey Sexy-shoesWhat makes a good judge?
Cuban heels and botox! But also listening, questioning plus considered and objective evaluation

Did you have a Saturday job, and if so what was it?
In a shoe shop – the start of a lifelong love affair in fact. A girl can never have enough shoes!

What are the best and worst aspects of your job?
The best: turning challenging customer situations around. The worst: turning challenging customer situations around

Nickey-girl-racerWhat is the most expensive item your have ever bought, apart from a house/flat?
My car – bit of a girl racer!

What quality do you find most attractive in other people?
Sense of humour and kindness (in equal measure)

For more information about judging at the Digital Experience Awards or the UK Customer Experience Awards please contact Lisa Bailey on or telephone 01223 911755.

The UK Digital Experience Awards will be taking place on July 9 at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London. Finalists will be making their presentations to the Judges in the morning, and winners will be announced during a glittering gala lunch.

For an interesting insight into how to help your customers with your digital offerings, check out this blog by Carrie Mulligan from TrustMarque.

A Day in the Life of a Judge at the UK Customer Experience Awards

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