Ohmni is a new telepresence robot that you can now bring to your home and stay in touch with your friends and family at all times. A startup OhmniLabs have created this amazing home robot weighing less than 10kg and can easily be folded so that it can effortlessly be moved from one location to another. Also, it can autonomously move around very quietly thanks to its wheels powered by brushless motors.

This high-tech robot has an autodocking function which allows Ohmni find its charging station and plug in when needed. The display head tilts and allows the caller to get a full picture of the surroundings. The caller can also navigate the robot and give a more human touch to online communication. Go, one of the creators explained in an interview:

“A lot of companies are already focused on automation, manufacturing, saving costs, and probably reducing the number of jobs, but we believe you need to counterbalance that with robots that improve quality of life.”

The sale of these home robots will start in just four months and the price is expected to be around $1,895.

Source: TechCrunch

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