A team of tech business management consultants, under the name Q Division, has been launched by Stratacache Capital.

The team consists of connected commerce-focused industry experts and solution engineers that help companies deliver first class Customer Experience.

Manolo Almagro, the new managing partner and a 24-year veteran in retail and tech innovation, said:

It’s not a trade secret that the physical retail world needs digital solutions to thrive. Shoppers expect modern conveniences — especially what they find online — to exist in some form within the retail store.

The big secret is the expertise required to make these customer experiences effective, scalable and return a significant ROI. The low and no-value providers entering the space muddy the waters for retailers ready to introduce or expand digital experiences.”

Q Division’s services include:

  • Innovation programmes: emerging tech research initiatives, prototype labs and opportunities for live, in-market field testing
  • Connected commerce: AI, machine learning, machine vision, robots, conversational commerce, e-commerce and in-store interactions
  • Data + analytics: use of real-time and periodic data collection platforms across online, mobile and in-store environments to drive and improve Customer Experience
  • Emerging tech Vvntures: access and exposure to investors, global solution partners and emerging retail tech startups

Dirk Huelsermann, managing partner of STRATACACHE Capital and digital media investment expert, said:

Retail is not a fair fight today. Even the above average retailer is in an existential battle with Amazon and struggling to navigate the new, deep-data world in which we live.

Q Division will help retailers and brands arm themselves with the knowledge and strategy necessary to win these battles. Manolo and his team bring exceptional experience in retail engagement and innovative strategy insight that can be the catalyst to help level the playing field.”

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