Users have the ability to provide, and receive feedback in real-time in a fun and engaging new App from Toluna

Toluna, the industry’s leading digital marketing research and technology provider, launches the Toluna Mobile Member App. The revolutionary App empowers users to provide feedback and participate in surveys while on-the-go, and to post their own questions to the Toluna community of close to 9 million members in real-time.

Toluna built the first (and largest) global social voting community in 2000, and the sticky experience offered to members on is socially rewarding and unique to Toluna. Community members can participate in polls, post comments, and engage with one and other, in addition to taking market research surveys. Real-time member participation, in turn, enables Toluna to provide clients with on-demand access to consumer opinions. The Toluna Mobile Member App is designed to provide the same, rich experience, and integrates with while using the very current swipe left, swipe right method for providing feedback.

“We built because we understand that consumers want to not only speak out and voice their opinions but to receive opinions in return,” says Frederic-Charles Petit, CEO, Toluna. We believe that anyone should be able to conduct a survey, and receive feedback on the go. “With our new mobile App, members obtain feedback to better inform their own decision-making. Toluna Mobile Member App users can now visit a store, and before deciding between purchasing two products send a survey to the community asking for unbiased feedback – it’s revolutionary,” says Petit.

The Toluna Mobile Member App provides more real-time access to feedback for clients as well, says Frank Smadja, EVP, Engineering. “The App can send automatic and customised invitations to members in real-time, which is critical as people are less tethered to a traditional PC. As expected the App had been specifically successful with younger demographics, which was a goal for us when we developed this new approach,” says Smadja.

To learn more about Toluna, and our view of technology-inspired market research visit and view our Mobile Member App demo.

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Leading digital marketing research and technology business, Toluna brings together people and brands in the world¹s largest social voting community. As a leading all-in-one global source for actionable insights, we help market researchers, insights professionals and companies anywhere in the world make clearer and better business decisions that drive better business results. With 17 offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, Toluna works with many of the world¹s leading market research agencies, media agencies and corporations.

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