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5 business books that will shift your perspective on leadership

Over the past months, we have been discovering books that might bring us some fresh ideas on becoming an even more connected, efficient, and aligned team. Out of the many publications we dwelled on, this has been whittled down to...

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Interview with Adrian Swinscoe: why make CX more punk?

“Punk is not a method, not a framework, not a toolkit. It is just an invite to do things differently because our customers and our people are waiting.” This week on CX Lore, we are joined by Adrian Swinscoe, an experimental...

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New research by Gartner says that 75% of companies will “break up” with poor-fit customers   

CXM is intrigued by the idea of companies “breaking up” with their poor-fit customers, instead of the other way around. Therefore, when this report came across our digital desks, we knew we had to share it.  Gartner, Inc reveals that by...

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Future proof your business with purpose-driven strategy

One of the many functions of boards is to review strategy proposals. However, many board members are not sure how to evaluate what is presented to them, and those who are writing strategies are not confident in how they should...

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Growing with purpose: the winning business strategy 2022

One of the most common mistakes in creating a strategy is to think that documenting “business as usual” (BAU) activities is, or can be, a strategy. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake in organisations in most sectors, whether commercial, government or the third sector....