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Right Here, Right Now: How to Handle Customers’ Changing Perception of Time

“Time heals all wounds,” they say… except for consumers. For them, it seems time actually exacerbates all wounds. We 21st century customers have become used to having virtually all we want – from online shopping to real-time support – in the...


The Golden Age of Customer Experience: An Interview with Giovanni Toschi

Giovanni Toschi is the Founder of AI firms Jatana and BotSupply. The Copenhagen-based entrepreneur took time out to talk to CXM about how we are firmly in the middle of the Golden Age of Customer Experience, and where the industry...

A person writes CX on the glass, which stands for the generation CX.

Meet Generation CX — The Customer Experience Movement

Being marked as “the new marketing”, customer experience is becoming a focal point of the business development today. However, there is a growing need for having a consensus about what customer experience truly is. This video...

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