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a group of smiling people working at a customer support centre

Chattermill’s new report: customer support trends in 2022

This year for the first time Chattermill, a unified customer intelligence platform, surveyed 339 customer-focused business leaders from the US, Oceania, South America and Europe with the intention to better understand key trends in customer experience (CX) for the upcoming...

A vector illustration shows how consumers rethink their relation to brands looking through the lens towards the post-pandemic future.

How the pandemic has made UK consumers rethink their relation to brands

The global pandemic changed the way we interact with each other, and with brands. Driven by emotional and transactional needs, consumers across the world have demonstrated their values – and indicated their plans for the future. In mid-2021, the Qualtrics XM...

Hand drawing of liaison between brands and consumer trends post-lockdown

Consumer trends post-lockdown: Will audiences look for live events in 2021?

The brand experience industry suffered a lot in 2020. We witnessed many unforeseen circumstances that led brand campaigns to closure before they even started. With stores closed, activations put on hold, and events cancelled, brands had difficulties adjusting to the...

A photo shows how to get customer feedback through online surveys and phone calls.

How to get customer feedback in the COVID-19 world

Throughout this pandemic, businesses have been wondering how to get customer feedback accurately. They are still trying to get a handle on the ‘new normal’ and the shifting needs of their customers. Add to this challenge the clear and present...