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A young woman uses her computer to gather zero-party data.

Why zero-party data is a great opportunity for online retailers

When Google announced it was to delay its plan to block third-party cookies from Chrome until 2023, marketers shared a sigh of relief, and you can’t blame them. Over the last few years, the data protection requirements put in place...

A team works in the office with protected laptops, showcasing the importance of having a fine balance between cybersecurity and remote working.

Cybersecurity and remote working: act now to protect your business

The risk of data security threats and cybercrime has increased significantly during COVID-19 as cybercriminals exploit weaknesses in remote work set-ups. While working from home gives our employees safety, convenience, and flexibility, it also increases chances for online treats. The...


Remote Working: Identifying and Preventing Security Breaches

The workplace has evolved beyond recognition for many people in recent years, with one of the most significant changes being that more and more people are now offered the option of working remotely. This incentive is a result of a...