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an image showing colourful brain looking at the future of work

The future of work: An interview with Jacob Morgan

Over the past year or so, the concepts of leadership awareness, emotional intelligence, and employee mental health became a central topic for EX and HR professionals worldwide. We saw first-hand how COVID-19 and other social events around diversity and inclusion...

A woman uses her phone to shop online, confirming adults will prefer digital channels post-pandemic.

Around 55% of UK adults will prefer digital channels post-pandemic

A heated debate is going on around digitalisation in the last year or so. We’re all speculating about digital trends in 2021 and the future of customer interactions with brands. Will people opt for virtual channels rather than face-to-face communication? According...


Compliance and Customer Experience: Not a Zero Sum Game

Businesses in regulated markets don’t have to choose between satisfying their customers and regulators, because compliance and CX isn’t a zero sum game. Yet with the right tools and focus, they can do both. Customer expectations are perhaps higher than ever. Conditioned...