Paul AinsworthPaul AinsworthNovember 26, 2019


The winners of the 2019 International Customer Experience Awards have celebrated victory following the gala Final ceremony in Amsterdam.

The second year of the awards event saw contenders from across the globe descend on the Dutch capital, with the Dubai Health Authority being crowned the day’s Overall Winners thanks to their high scoring entry which also landed them Gold in the Best Use of Mobile category.

Meanwhile, UK winners accepting awards at the ceremony, which was hosted by Awards International, included Aspen Healthcare, whose Holly Private Hospital claimed Gold in the Best CX Strategy/Project category, while Aspen also secured the top spot in the Customer-Centric Culture – Transformation category.

World-class: The Aspen Healthcare team collect the trophy for Best CX Strategy/Project

Other British winners included Milton Keynes’ Centre M:K mall, winner of the Customer-Centric Culture category, and swimming lesson specialist Swimtime.

Hailing from further afield, global winners included pan-African great lakes region banking group KCB, which won for Best Digital Strategy, CX Leadership, and CX Team; and Telkom Indonesia, which topped the Customer Experience Team – Transformation / Solution category.

Click here for a full list of winners.

Speaking after the event, CEO of Awards International Neil Skehel said: “Congratulations to all of our winners, and to all finalists who travelled to join us in Amsterdam for what has become one of the most important dates in the global CX calendar.

“The standard of entries for this, the second year of the awards, has been absolutely fantastic, and we look forward to seeing more exciting customer-centric initiatives in 2020 a

Paul AinsworthPaul AinsworthAugust 29, 2019


UK and International Customer Experience Awards finalist Northern Gas Networks has been recognised for its innovative work to improve the impact of traffic management on customers when improvements to its network are taking place.

The North of England’s gas distributor has already been shortlisted in six categories for the 2019 UK Customer Experience Awards, and three categories in the 2019 International Customer Experience Awards, and now the firm has been nominated for a national award by the UK Society for Trenchless Technology (UKSTT) – a charity which promotes new technologies and practices which don’t involve digging.

Considerate: NGN aims for as little disruption as possible when carrying out upgrades or repairs

Traffic management, such as temporary traffic lights or lane closures, can be necessary when work such as the replacement of gas pipes is taking place. In traffic sensitive areas, a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is always required before work can start; agreed with the local authority and other stakeholders. However, these plans can be complicated and slow to produce.

Now, the Innovation Team at Northern Gas Networks (NGN) is developing new ways to plan traffic management so that it will have less of an impact on people’s lives.  New software developed by NGN and project partner 1 Spatial now makes it possible to generate automated traffic plans far more quickly, with clear benefits for road users, local businesses, and other customers.

It’s this responsive approach which has seen the project shortlisted in the UKSTT awards’ category for the Application of Digital Technology, and winners will be revealed next month.

NGN’s Head of Innovation, Richard Hynes-Cooper, said: “This shortlisting recognises the ability for our designers, planners and engineers to generate traffic management plans, at the click of a button. This is a potential game-changer for the industry.

“It will save money on every traffic management scheme that we create, as well as ensuring that our key local stakeholders, such as councils, have quick and easy access to our plans.

“However, what is most exciting about this innovation for me is the ability to make our schemes even more customer-focused. Bu building in key information such as local traffic flows, we can design schemes which are less disruptive, and more sensitive to local issues.”

Paul AinsworthPaul AinsworthAugust 20, 2019


The North of England’s gas distributor, Northern Gas Networks (NGN), is having an outstanding year, and is aiming for an autumn of awards success as it competes for CX recognition nationally and globally.

NGN has been shortlisted for six categories in the 2019 UK Customer Experience Awards, and employees recently learned they will also compete in three categories at the 2019 International Customer Experience Awards.

The UK Customer Experience Awards take place at London’s Wembley Stadium this October, and NGN will present before judges overseeing the following categories: Team of the Year – Customer Centricity, Use of Insight & Feedback – Customer Satisfaction, Customers at the Heart of Everything – Initiative, B2B Customer Experience, Product or Service Development, and Employees at the Heart of Everything.

The following month, on November 21, the NGN team will be in Amsterdam for the second International Customer Experience Awards final, with the goal of winning gold in the Best Customer Experience Strategy – CX and Beyond, Business Change or Transformation and Customer-Centric Culture – Transformation categories.

NGN is hoping that 2019 rivals 2014 for awards success, as it was the year it secured an incredible six gold titles at the UK Customer Experience Awards.

Eileen Brown, Customer Experience Director at Northern Gas Networks, said: “We are immensely proud to be shortlisted for both the International and UK Customer Experience Awards. Our customers are always front and centre in everything that we do and to receive this recognition is testament to the quality of service delivered by our dedicated teams. We deliver gas to over 2.7 million homes and businesses across the North of England, and we are absolutely thrilled to be acknowledged for our service both nationally and globally.”

Global gathering: The International Customer Experience Awards is taking place in Amsterdam on November 21

Paul AinsworthPaul AinsworthAugust 7, 2019


Global Customer Experience and contact centre solutions leader Genesys is preparing to host one of Europe’s most exciting CX gatherings in Amsterdam next month.

The G-Summit Europe event will bring together customers, partners, and technology solution providers to share insights and explore ways to “turn mundane interactions into highly personalised customer experiences”.

Genesys, which is sponsoring the 2019 UK Customer Experience Awards, is hosting G-Summit Europe in the Dutch capital on September 10-12, and a range of speakers will discuss cutting-edge CX solutions at breakout sessions and other activities during the course of the highly anticipated event.

Guests will include Huib Van Bockel, founder of Tenzing Natural Energy and former head of marketing at Red Bull Europe. The author of The Social Brand, in his keynote speech Van Bockel will take attendees on an exploration of how organisations can achieve greater brand engagement and loyalty by doing more for the people who matter most – their customers.

Meanwhile, a decade on from highlighting the uncontainable power of poor CX with his viral video United Breaks Guitars, Canadian songwriter, author, and social media pioneer Dave Carroll will also take to the stage to share why empowering people to deliver moments of connection is so important in a digital world.

Notable Genesys customers, including, Heineken,, and Lowell Group, will illustrate how they are using innovative technologies such as the cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), digital channels and more.

G-summit Europe will also celebrate agents from Harambee, Swisscard, and Ving as Genesys CX Heroes for going above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service.

Topics to be covered during G-Summit Europe will also include machine learning, voice and chat bots, customer and employee experience, cloud, and much more. Deep-dive breakout sessions will also cover the importance of blending the human touch with artificial intelligence and digital technologies to provide optimal service.

Merijn te Booij, CMO at Genesys, said: “Through G-Summit Europe we aim to show attendees how immersive, experiential service is the new standard for every customer, every time. Attendees will glean insights from industry experts and businesses that have had success using innovative technologies to empower their employees and turn conversations with customers into the best-connected moments across marketing, sales and service

Click here to register for G-Summit Europe.

Meanwhile, Amsterdam is also hosting the 2019 International Customer Experience Awards on November 21. Click here for more details.



There’s a wonderful German word, ‘Ärger’, that comprehensively stands for every kind of trouble and strife you can imagine.

Lost keys? Ärger. Missed flight? Ärger. Decades of warfare with the neighbours? Ärger. Say it: “AYR-gurrr”. No English word is quite so robust; and no word so perfectly describes the state of Customer Experience in Germany.

Unusually for most countries, Germany combines a high quality of life with a low cost of living. This makes it a great place to live and raise a family. But there’s a catch: life in Germany will cost you in other ways – namely time, effort, and Ärger. The normalisation of Ärger in German culture has knock-on effects for Customer Experience, including:

  • Too few businesses prioritising CX excellence
  • Poor understanding of CX best practice, or even how to get started
  • Widespread lack of vigilance around preventing and resolving customer problems.

In this article, I’ll describe what we can learn from real-life Customer Experience, featuring Rewe and Netto (online grocery shopping), as seen through two specific lenses: Convenience and Friction.

Convenience as a CX issue

Customer convenience isn’t always the priority is should be. Many German stores offer limited hours during the week, typically close for two hours at lunchtime, open for a half day only on Saturday, and not at all on Sunday.

Doctors’ and dentists’ offices open for the morning only on Wednesdays and Fridays. Local and regional government offices keep highly irregular hours that vary from department to department and day to day. Invariably when you need to go there, they are closed.

No alt text provided for this image

School hours aren’t necessarily regular either; secondary schools typically have long days and short days. With little or no advance notice, they reserve the right to turn long days into short days, or short days into no-school-at-all days. This can be a nightmare for working parents. Often you don’t know from day-to-day what your child’s schedule is going to be.

German grocery stores have been leading the charge to offer customers more convenient opening hours, with many now staying open as late as 10pm. You still can’t shop on Sundays, though!

Exhibit A: Rewe Online Shopping

Rewe was the first in our area to offer online grocery shopping via their website or app. My expectations were high for the amount of time and energy I would save shopping online. That was until I actually tried it.

It turned out to be even less convenient than shopping in person. How is that even possible? Let me count the ways:

1. The shopping process made Rewe’s internal organisation into the customer’s problem. Online orders had to be assigned one specific store. By default, this is the closest store to your home. If you don’t want that one, you have to choose another.

2. Each Rewe store is a franchise and carries a slightly different range of products. The online shopping app allowed me to change from the closest store to another one of my choice, but that didn’t actually help because…

3. The online shopping inventory was limited. Even though I could select the store of my choice, I could not order items that I knew for a fact were in that particular store.

4. The basic item search and add-to-cart functions were clumsy and slow. It took at least 20-25 minutes and many steps to put a basic grocery order together.

5. I couldn’t be sure of receiving exactly what I had ordered. Many of the substitutions were for products I didn’t want, and it was annoying having to send them back.

6. In the end, I still had to do in-store shopping. If I couldn’t order what I needed, or I received substitute products that weren’t acceptable to me, then the online order was mostly in vain.

No alt text provided for this image

Tech solutions that don’t solve the problem are not convenient

So online shopping at Rewe was an imperfect solution. It doesn’t really save me time or effort if I still have to venture out and visit the stores. However, there is still a lot that Rewe is doing really well. For example, this cheery array of browsing categories – with pictures – makes it super easy for customers to zero in on what they are looking for:

No alt text provided for this image

The text you see highlighted in red (“So funktioniert’s”), tells the customer “this is how it works”. Clicking that link takes you to a page showing four simple illustrated steps to shopping with Rewe:

No alt text provided for this image

It’s clear that plenty of care has gone into Rewe’s online shopping system. The system is designed to reassure the customer and make the process as clear and intuitive as possible. That buys a lot of goodwill from me. Even though I didn’t get reliably good results, it’s easy to forgive a company that shows it cares about its customers. I would be willing to try it again and see if the system has progressed.

Key takeaways for Rewe:

  • Make it as convenient as possible for shoppers to buy the products they want
  • Make sure to have the widest possible range of products available
  • Ideally, if it’s available in the store then it should be available online as well
  • Avoid having to make substitutions, or else agree what they can be at the time of ordering
  • Look for ways to simplify and streamline the order process
  • Conduct regular using testing of the website and app
  • Don’t forget to test with older shoppers

Exhibit B: Netto Online Shopping

More recently, Netto has also begun to offer online shopping, so I decided to give them a try as well. Unfortunately, Netto seems to share many of the same problems as Rewe:

  • The order must go to one particular store (of your choice)
  • The interface is slow and clunky, making it a real chore to find the desired items
  • The product inventory is very limited compared with the in-store experience

A major problem unique to Netto’s online shopping system is top-level browsing categories that are not very intuitive.

Just to cite a few examples, the Food category (“Lebensmittel”), does not include things like fruits and vegetables, meats, or dairy products. Everything in this category seems to be non-perishable staples like sugar, chocolates, and gummi bears. Is that even food?

It takes a bit of hunting around to see that all of the fresh food items have been bunged into the category for weekly specials (“Unsere Werbung”) along with a ton of other stuff, like bicycles and barbecues.

At one point, I thought I could save time by using the search feature instead of trying to find things by browsing. The results were truly strange – when I searched for potatoes (Kartoffeln), the top eight search results included four jars of baby food, two kitchen gadgets, and this adorable toy potato harvester (imitation potatoes included):

No alt text provided for this image

So no joy there. Going back to the browsing categories, I started looking for bags of Japanese mixed snack crackers that Netto has begun carrying lately. They’re one of my must-buy items, but I can’t find them anywhere in the online store. In fact, the entire category of “crackers-plus-other-baked-salty-crunchy-things” consists of only three products, and one of them isn’t even available:

No alt text provided for this image

Even more surprising is that Netto only allows two modes of payment for buying groceries online: you can choose PayPal (seriously?) or you can hand over your bank account details for Netto’s own mobile payment system, whatever that is. These days there aren’t very many examples of online stores that don’t allow debit or credit card payments.

No alt text provided for this image
Key takeaways for Netto:
  • Organise credit and debit payment systems for the customers’ convenience, or they will order their groceries from Rewe instead
  • Restructure browsing categories to make it easier for customers to find what they want
  • Make sure that search results are complete, relevant and believable
  • Look for ways to simplify, streamline and speed up the shopping process
  • Conduct user testing and collect detailed feedback to inform the design process

Friction as a CX issue

Another major theme in German CX is friction. Sometimes you arrive at a business that is supposed to be open, but it isn’t. Sometimes there is a note, sometimes not. There is a phone number…but nobody answers. There is a website but it doesn’t work and the contact form is broken.

Even worse for the CX is the boomerang effect, where repeated follow-ups are needed with the same person or organisation. Emails often bounce or just go unanswered forever. How many hours have I spent crafting well-written emails in my best German only to find they go straight into the void? Too many to count!

The lack of response can mean almost anything. Either they don’t know (or care) how to respond, didn’t get around to it, or passed the task to someone else who didn’t know (or care) or get around to responding. Think that task can come off your to-do list? Wrong! It keeps coming back around again while you chase after people and there you have it again, Ärger.

German businesses can be surprisingly oblivious to CX friction. They can be slow to change and they expect customers to absorb nearly unlimited frustration. But why should customers put up with your unmotivated employees or clunky business processes?

Friction acts like a ticking timebomb ready to go off when the chance arises. As soon as a competitor begins to offer people a better service with less friction, those unhappy customers will take the first opportunity to bolt. Dissatisfied customers have no reason whatsoever to be loyal to your business. Sooner or later, somebody is going to please that customer more than you and then it will be too late to win them over.

Unmet Expectations crop small.jpg

Exhibit C: Vodafone

Vodafone used to be our mobile service provider in Germany. In the few years that we were customers, the entire family was subjected to never-ending marketing calls. We asked them repeatedly to stop calling us, to no effect. Finally, we had to go into a Vodafone shop and complain in person to get any relief.

These people called us like their very lives depended on it and ignored all requests to be left in peace. This was not an accident – someone in sales and marketing had to decide that customer harassment was the way to meet their targets. I would love to know where in the marketing Bible it says that massively irritating customers is Job #1. It’s hard to imagine anyone believing that such an awful Customer Experience would be good for business.

Back Off Telemarketers crop small.jpg

At that point, we were already understandably upset with Vodafone and then a new issue appeared – something that busted the relationship like a pinata. Vodafone had engaged with third-party providers that we didn’t need, want, or even know about. One of them used deceptive mobile website pop-ups (e.g. “You have just won…”) to trick one of our children. Clicking on this pop-up activated a subscription that added new charges onto our monthly bill. So we complained to Vodafone customer service and…they didn’t do a thing.

They just gave us the phone number of their third-party provider (scammer) so we could go deal with it ourselves. That was both irresponsible and risky. Since our customer relationship was with Vodafone, this third-party provider had much less to lose by damaging the relationship, but their conduct was always going to reflect back on Vodafone, who certainly did have something to lose.

That’s exactly how things played out. It took some arguing but the third-party eventually agreed to refund the charges. Ultimately, getting the money back didn’t erase years of accumulated friction. The damage was done.

Key takeaways for Vodafone:

  • Always respect customers’ wishes in how they wish to be contacted, how often and for which purposes

  • Aggressive marketing to customers is inappropriate and counterproductive

  • Do not require customers to contact you over and over again to fix the same problem

  • Choose third-party providers carefully and make sure that they reflect well on you

  • When a customer has a complaint about one of your partners, it’s your job (not the customer’s) to fix the problem with urgency

  • Do not tolerate unethical conduct from your partners

  • Do not exploit your customers’ children – ever

Exhibit D: O2

At the earliest opportunity, we switched our mobile service to Vodafone’s competitor O2. So far, our experience with O2 has been straightforward and positively uneventful. We’re happy with the service and they certainly don’t disturb my calm in any way.

I never thought that boring could be a great Customer Experience. It turns out that it can be if one of the benefits of the service is peace of mind. O2 has been as reliable as the O2 I’m breathing right now, so I don’t have to think about them at all. Maybe we’re just lucky as it could have been a very different experience. But there is this one little thing that we still miss…

Here’s what Vodafone got consistently right: they made it incredibly easy to look at our bill. Every month, Vodafone would send us an email with the invoice attached as a PDF file. We only had to click once to open the email then click once more to open the file, and voila!

Now to see the O2 bill I have to click to open the email, click on the download invoice button, wait for the O2 website to load in my browser, log in and finally click on download. That’s 28 keystrokes for O2 compared with two for Vodafone, so it’s much less convenient. For most of the past year, O2’s invoices couldn’t be viewed or downloaded from Chrome either, so there were even more steps involved to open up a different browser and try again.

Key takeaways for O2:

  • Boring can be a great experience if it means that everything is running perfectly

  • One of the best benefits a service business can provide is peace of mind

  • Less is sometimes more in CX (i.e. customers don’t always want to interact with you)

  • Look for ways to streamline processes and eliminate unnecessary steps

Where does German CX go from here?

To offer an excellent Customer Experience, you just need commitment to putting the customer first as your starting point. In that respect, Germany still has some catching up to do. Talk is cheap – it’s easy to say words like “the customer is king” (Der Kunde ist König). It’s much harder to live those words and act upon them faithfully.

This is where a stoic attitude towards frustration, and worse, Ärger, is a strong disadvantage. CX requires a plan to deliver excellence and the vigilance to see it through, correcting and improving as you go. Where Ärger is the norm, complacency and lack of accountability tend to follow. No one feels responsible for the things that go wrong, so no one takes responsibility for making things right.

The habit of thinking about another person and what they need is a skill that has to be learned. Despite decades of progress in user-centred design almost everywhere else, I’ve seen websites for German restaurants that give long family histories, and pictures of the dog, but forget to mention their business hours. It just didn’t occur to them that customers would want to know when the restaurant is open.

Some businesses websites still feature tons of colour pollution, scrolling GIFs, flashing words, and spinning icons. Some have entire sections missing or use 1990s-era animated under construction” gifs where the content is supposed to be. Sometimes it’s like the entire profession of user experience never happened here.

Under Construction.gif

These are not just small business failings. Global brands with big IT budgets can make juddering errors as well. I once spent over two hours trying to book a service appointment on the website. This involved entering details in a multi-page service form. Each data field had very specific formatting requirements but no guidelines or hints to say what they were. Get it wrong and the entire form would reset and you had to start over from the beginning.

Brand differentiation is increasingly driven by CX rather than price. Amazon’s exceptional customer service is having a profound effect on consumer expectations, even in thrifty Germany. To make the big leap forward into the present, German businesses will need to focus on delivering great experiences.

Convenience and friction are two areas with the greatest potential to upgrade German CX, but to do this, businesses will have to decide that no amount of Ärger is normal, natural, or tolerable when it comes to their relationship with customers.

Author Anna Noakes Schulze is a 2019 International Customer Experience Awards judge.

Paul AinsworthPaul AinsworthJune 4, 2019

The International Customer Experience Awards is returning to Amsterdam this year, and potential entrants have just a few days left to take advantage of a special Early Bird Discount offer. A total of 19 categories are open for submissions, with one Overall Winner title reserved for the entrant scoring the highest result from judges overseeing presentations on the day. The event – hosted by Awards International UAE & Netherlands – takes place on November 21, with the deadline for entries on August 7. However, an Early Bird Discount offer is available until June 12, allowing entrants to save €100 on their entry fee. Click here for further details of this amazing offer. Awards International MD Mark Hamill said: “This unique daytime event, enables businesses from across the globe to compete for the ultimate accolade in the world of Customer Experience. Participating in the Awards is not just about competing and celebrating best practice – these Awards offer a unique opportunity to network with other key players from across the world and to hear what others are doing to solve problems within their country or particular sector.”

Paul AinsworthPaul AinsworthMay 31, 2019


The team behind the Holly Private Hospital has been praised for its success at the 2019 UK Employee Experience Awards.

An incredible three Gold category awards were taken home by Holly staff at the ceremony in London’s Park Plaza Riverbank venue this month, which is one Gold award short of the haul they collected at the 2018 awards 12 months before.

However, they more than compensated when at the end of the event they were crowned Overall Winner.

This year saw the Holly team take the Gold titles for Employee Engagement – Reward & RecognitionEmployee-Centric Company – Employees at the Heart of the Company, and Innovative Employee Engagement.

The Holly Private Hospital team collect their award for Innovative Employee Engagement.


The success follows huge victories at the 2018 UK Customer Experience Awards, and the inaugural International Customer Experience Awards in Amsterdam last year, where it was named Overall Winner thanks to two Gold category wins there.

With 2019 looking to be an even more succesful year for Holly Private Hospital, Director David Henderson said: “We are absolutely thrilled to once again be recognised in the UK Employee Experience Awards. Over the past few years we’ve really been focussing on how we can create exceptional employee experiences for our staff so they in turn can deliver exceptional healthcare experiences for our patients, and this work has been recognised today. A huge well done and thank you to all our Holly team who work hard every day to deliver exceptional healthcare to our patients.”

Paul AinsworthPaul AinsworthMay 29, 2019


Multi-award-winning water supplier Business Stream has appointed a new Director of Business Transformation to help the company deliver its ambitious growth strategy.

The Edinburgh-based firm has enjoyed recent awards success, including at the 2019 UK Complaint Handling Awards, where it won Gold in the Innovation in Complaint Handling category, along with two runner-up gongs; the 2018 UK Business Awards, where it secured two Gold category titles; and at the inaugural International Customer Experience Awards in Amsterdam last autumn, when it was victorious in the Best Digital Transformation Strategy shortlist.

The Business Stream team pictured at the 2018 International Customer Experience Awards in Amsterdam, with CX consultant Ian Golding (left), and Awards International CEO Neil Skehel (right).

Now Margaret McLay is on board as Director of Business Transformation, and with a proven track record in change and IT, will be responsible for leading the effective delivery and coordination of the company’s transformation programme. She will report directly to Business Stream’s Chief Executive, Jo Dow.

Speaking of her new appointment, Margaret said: “I am really excited to be joining Business Stream at a time of significant growth.  In my new role as Director of Business Transformation I am looking forward to working in partnership with the executive team to enable the business to maintain excellent customer service levels and to achieve its strategic goals.”

New Business Stream Director of Business Transformation, Margaret McLay.

 Jo Dow, added: “I am delighted that Margaret will be joining the company. It’s an exciting time for the business as we look to expand our market share and deliver a market leading level of service to our customers in Scotland and England. This latest appointment will strengthen our leadership team and help us drive forward our ambitious plans for the future.”

Earlier this year Business Stream bought the customer base of its competitors Yorkshire Water Business Services (YWBS) and Three-Sixty, both part of the Kelda Group, doubling its market share and cementing its position as one of the top three retailers in the UK water market.

Business Stream expanded its operation in April 2017 by acquiring the non-household customer base of Southern Water when it began competing in the new £2.5bn English water market. The new market has enabled 1.2 million businesses and public bodies in England to choose their water supplier for the first time.

Scotland’s non-domestic market, which covers all premises across private and public sector organisations, opened to competition in April 2008. Since then, Business Stream customers have saved more than £242 million on their water bills and conserved over 43 billion litres of water.

CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamApril 10, 2019


The International Customer Experience Awards is returning to Amsterdam in 2019 following an inaugural event that brought together some of the biggest names in global CX, and the very best customer-centric organisations from around the world.

Entries for the event are now open, with a special Early Bird offer available for those who register before June 12th. Finalists for the event, which is hosted by Awards International UAE & Netherlands, will be announced in August, with the gala ceremony taking place on November 21st.

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