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The photo shows three emoticons standing for would not recommend facial expression.

Would not recommend – the scariest words a CX professional can hear

Net Promoter Score has been one of the central topics in conversations between CX professionals for years now. If you regularly read CXM, you know we published many articles on this subject, both from positive and negative points of view. Whether...


Net Promoter Score will only take you so far in the race to catch the CX heavyweights

Your customer knows what good service looks like. Like it, or loathe it, Amazon sells to more than 80% of the UK population every year.  This means your customer is also an Amazon shopper, and probably an Apple shopper too. They compare...


Does Net Promoter Score Adequately Empower Organisations To Be Customer-centric?

Net Promoter Score is one of the most trusted and popular metrics used by brands to measure the health of their customer relationships. Businesses who experience high levels of brand advocacy have been shown to outgrow their competition by 2.5 times.  A single...