Nitzan HasonNitzan HasonJune 10, 2020


The coronavirus pandemic is arguably the most unprecedented event around the globe since the Spanish flu.

With the virus spreading fast regardless of geography, consumers have avoided public places as much as possible, leading to a shift in shopping trends.

Many shoppers have gone online because they now see it as a necessity. The convenience of shopping in the comfort of home has always been a benefit of online shopping, but now it has become a vital facet of eCommerce.

With the rising concern about the pandemic, sales of consumer packaged goods (CPG) spiked to as much as $8.5 billion in the US, and approximately one-quarter of shoppers said they expected to shop online more frequently or for the first time.

eCommerce is now at a critical stage because the changes in customer behaviour point to a trend that will last in the long term. Online retailers have the responsibility to ensure consistent positive customer experiences by keeping communications lines open and aligning expectations, especially in this time of shipping delays and inventory management challenges.

Importance of Customer Reviews for eCommerce

Any online business looking to control its online reputation knows how important customer reviews are. People always prefer to buy products that have a good number of reviews. With more customers turning to online shopping, customer reviews have become increasingly important. They are a way to understand customer sentiment and help in creating positive customer interaction. In the coronavirus era, it may be the only way to promote your product or brand. Below are a few ways customer reviews help eCommerce.

  • It boosts sales.

    Ultimately, this is the greatest benefit of customer reviews. Customer reviews arm customers with information that can help push them to make a purchase. People are more likely to purchase a product that has positive reviews from its users.

  • It increases engagement.

    Customers who leave online reviews are often looking for responses to their reviews or want to see what others have to say about the same product or brand. This online exchange fosters a community atmosphere and creates a bond between customer and brand.

  • It improves ranking.

    Customer reviews are commonly referred to in marketing as user-generated content (UGC), and it’s very useful in maintaining an online presence and building a reputation. The more people talk about you, the more your online search ranking improves.

  • It builds loyalty and trust.

    Customers who take the time to write reviews are those that are really invested in your product or brand. It gives them a voice and an avenue where they can provide valuable feedback to other customers like them. A 2020 survey shows that customer reviews affected the decision of most consumers on whether they will use a business or not.

Changes in Customer Reviews in the Coronavirus Era

In times of crisis, building consumer trust is vital for all businesses both offline and online. It’s important to understand how customers feel about your product and how they experience it. To do this, you need to go beyond the reviews themselves and determine the sentiment behind them. Focusing on the analysis of customer sentiment allows you to craft an appropriate response.

Although customer reviews have long been an avenue for marketers, it’s of more importance now due to the changes brought about by the global pandemic. Customers have time to post and read reviews so more people are relying on them before they decide to purchase. People trust customer reviews, and this is evident in the 104 percent surge in review engagement in just a month’s time.

How can you leverage customer reviews for your eCommerce business? Below are a few tips.

  • Revamp your UGC tactics.

    Always encourage customers to leave reviews—either on your website, social media channels, or third-party reviews sites. Provide incentives for those who actually leave reviews in the form of gift cards, coupons, or rewards points. Treat negative reviews as opportunities to improve your product; they may not always be objective or constructive but they are almost always honest. Respond to them accordingly and show customers that you care through a personalised message or solution that addresses their specific concern. Global marketplace Etsy sells review labels as a creative way to ask for customer reviews. The company also sends a follow-up email or text message requesting the same.

  • Create a Q&A page on your website.

    Customers will have questions about your product or company, especially if they’re new. They want to feel confident about the product they’re about to purchase, and you should be ready to answer these questions. You can’t always be available to respond to customers, however, so the next best thing is a Q&A page on your website. Think of what your customers want to know about your company and product and provide detailed answers. Customers will appreciate this and take it as a sign that you care about them. Google My Business offers a Q&A feature together with its reviews to help businesses connect with their customers.

  • Re-evaluate your review collection methods.

    The current situation is a sensitive time because of the global pandemic. Ask for reviews as much as possible but be sure that you ask with tact and compassion. Get creative with your copy and tactics and ensure that the message you’re sending is neither pushy nor insensitive.

    Aside from incentivising customer reviews, you can also run campaigns that promote positivity and goodwill. American Eagle currently runs a campaign that encourages shoppers to post photos of themselves wearing branded apparel. This encourages users to buy from the site because they see real people, people they can relate to, who’ve already bought from the site.

  • Showcase existing reviews.

    In these uncertain times, it’s vital to take stock and leverage what you already have, where your business is at, and what’s working for you right now. If you have existing customer reviews, find a way to showcase these to help promote your online reputation. These already existing ones will also help if you’re unable to get new ones during the crisis. Amazon is one of the best examples of this, showcasing product reviews on the product page itself. Online clothing shops would also do well with showcasing reviews just like Modcloth.

The change will be inevitable and unpredictable during the COVID-19 pandemic, as evidenced by the sudden changes in customer behaviour. If businesses are to thrive, they need to be nimble and be able to adapt quickly to the ever-changing business landscape.

Now more than ever, customer sentiment is vital and must be monitored so that businesses can respond accordingly and promptly. With no accurate way to predict what will happen in the near future, customer sentiment can mean the difference between making it through and succumbing to the pandemic that is COVID-19.

Hannah FoleyHannah FoleyApril 30, 2020


We’re in a world of information overload. We’re sharing every aspect of our lives on social media. We’ve got WhatsApp groups coming out of our ears and it seems like everyone is an influencer on something. So, how does today’s consumer know who to trust?

In a study on ‘The critical role of reviews in Internet trust, 2020’ (Canvas8, Feb 2020) Consumer review websites rank 2nd as most trusted by consumers in the UK and US to provide honest opinion about a good or service; only ‘family and friends’ ranked higher.

It’s no surprise that 8 out of 10 of the top 10 start-ups of 2019 all feature open platform reviews on their home pages & in their advertising. They know that popping a trusted platform widget in their social media adverts or feed of the last reviews to their homepage rapidly overcomes buyer fears and concerns by saying ‘people like you trusted us and were happy to share their experiences to help you pick us too’.

But to be able to do that, you have to have ticked three boxes in your planning stage:

1. Select the Right Platform for your Customers

Understand what platforms they trust and which ones they look to for comfort when spending. If you haven’t got time to ask your customers, look at where your competitors are having success or which platforms meet the trust needs of your typical customer segments.

  • Which ones do customers think are most credible?
  • Where can customers be sure that the negative reviews haven’t been filtered out?
  • Is it easy to leave & find a review on the platform?

2. Recency of Reviews is Crucial

Today’s customers want to share their views & experiences – if you give them somewhere to do it – it makes it easier for them & for your business. Look for easy ways to invite your customers to leave reviews and make it clear that it is your platform of choice.

  • Look at your customer journey and identify which touchpoints can be used to communicate and invite reviews from your customers.
  • Embed invitations in your digital order communications & create dedicated digital review invitations once customers have received or experienced your products or services so they know where to go.

Without a regular flow of reviews it won’t look credible & that will be the impression your prospect has despite fact you have improved things.  Therefore, recency is key.

If Barbara had a problem in June 2019, you need new reviews to show that John in April 2020 had no such problem and is super happy.

3. Prepare your Response

Think of reviews as the final step in your customer journey – plan to respond. You are hopeful that that customer wants to come back again and they have taken time to leave their feedback to help others chose you.

Contrary to most beliefs, people don’t only go online to leave scathing reviews. If you have given customers a good or, hopefully great experience and you invite them to leave a review, customers are increasingly happy to take 2 minutes.

It has now become an expected part of our buyers’ journey; we want to leave a review because it’s not just to tell the business what they do great or not so great, it’s to help others like ourselves. So, if your customer took their time to leave you a review…

  • Thank them – be courteous
  • Leave a personal message which fits with your brand tone of voice– relate to something in the comments if you can because it will feel like you really do appreciate them
  • Take action – if something hasn’t met their expectations, you will need to thank them and explain what you are going to do next. Visibility of making things right shows potential customers that you will take responsibility if things don’t go to plan.

Your business or client might be worried about the transparency of having customers leave reviews openly, that’s normal. Reviews are not to be feared – have a plan to respond in the right ways & be prepared to make things right. Bad reviews can very quickly be turned into great reviews and great reviews drive loyalty & revenue.


If you would like to chat about gathering ratings & reviews for your business – get in touch.

Sandra RadlovackiSandra RadlovackiApril 7, 2020


According to a report by Revuze, an automated market insights solution, based on over 300 thousand reviews in the Razors and Blades industry, incentivised reviews increased the average star rating of a product 3.5 per cent, while the average sentiment grew from 84 per cent to 91 per cent.

What makes the sentiment more positive in the incentivised reviews?

Top 10 topics that affect the high star rating:

  1. Overall Satisfaction
  2. Soft & Smooth
  3. Free Samples & Coupons
  4. Ease of Use
  5. Close Shave
  6. Is It Recommended?
  7. Results
  8. Skin Sensitivity
  9. Nicks & Cuts
  10. Returning Customer

The high reviews take up 88 per cent of overall incentivised reviews.

Top 10 topics that affect the low star rating:

  1. Overall Satisfaction
  2. Free Samples and Coupons
  3. Soft & Smooth
  4. Price/Value for Money
  5. Close Shave
  6. Ease of Use
  7. Results
  8. Functionality
  9. Trimmer
  10. Moisturizing Strip

The low reviews take up 11 per cent of overall incentivised reviews.

The ratings of non-incentivised reviews are as follows:

Top 10 aspects of high ratings:

  1. Overall Satisfaction
  2. Price/Value for Money
  3. Soft & Smooth
  4. Results
  5. Close Shave
  6. Is it Recommended?
  7. Quality
  8. Ease of Use
  9. Blade Sharpness
  10. Handle

Top 10 aspects of low ratings:

  1. Overall Satisfaction
  2. Price/Value for Money
  3. Quality
  4. Blade Sharpness
  5. Handle
  6. Results
  7. Life Span
  8. Close Shave
  9. Ease of Use
  10. Nicks & Cuts

The high ratings take up 84 per cent, while the low ratings take up 15 per cent of total non-incentivised reviews.

Incentivised reviewers mentioned that the product is part of the promotion, consequently, the price of the product seems to be overlooked by these reviewers. The aspect of price is the second most evaluated aspect in non-incentivised reviews, while it is not in the top ten aspects for incentivised reviews.

Incentivised reviews are delivered after a shorter amount of time of initial use, focusing on the overall experience rather than long-term usage.

For the full report, check this page where you can also download another two reports, completely for free. Limited time only!

Derek O'CarrollDerek O'CarrollJuly 23, 2019


Are online ratings and reviews important to your business?

They should be, as the influence of online product reviews on consumers continues to grow.

Recently, Brightpearl conducted a survey of consumers, which reveals just how much we now rely on online ratings and reviews.

This shouldn’t be a surprise. Most people relate strongly to the growing review culture. These days, not many of us would book a stay in a hotel or make a reservation at a restaurant we’ve never been to before without first consulting an online review forum, checking the ratings and scrolling through customer feedback.

In increasing numbers, we are now turning to total strangers to read their customer reviews and ratings before buying. Eighty-four percent of shoppers now read online reviews and 46 percent check star ratings before committing to an online purchase – with almost nine-in-10 consumers considering them to be essential to their decision making. As we can see, the review culture is playing an increasingly important and normalised role in our purchasing behaviour, and above all else, informs our decisions on where to stay, where to eat and what to buy.

In today’s modern retail landscape we are all influencers – and we’re all ready and willing to be influenced. But not only do we expect our voices to be heard, we demand that our feedback be acknowledged and acted upon quickly. Our survey reveals that 76 percent of shoppers expect merchants to respond to reviews and one-in-five consumers believe a reply should come within 24 hours.

As connected consumers, we are not as tolerant as we used to be. Our expectations and demands are far greater than ever before and we have a voice and many platforms – from social media to online review websites – where we can express anger or dissatisfaction when we’ve had a poor experience. From the same report, almost two-thirds of us are likely to leave a negative review following a bad experience – with 60 percent having done so within the last year.

Shoppers are increasingly volatile and unforgiving and it is within this environment that some retailers are losing their grip on their online feedback. Fifty percent of retailers think that poor reviews are getting worse and 38 percent admit that they do not know how to best deal with negative reviews, according to the study by Brightpearl. It also takes just five (on average) poor recent reviews to halt most shoppers from buying from a retailer or brand, which demonstrates the sway that consumer feedback can have on potential new customers.

The other danger to merchants failing to get to grips with their online feedback is the money they are leaving on the table from lost sales opportunities. The study shows that the average difference in revenue between a 3-star and 5-star rated merchant is 33 percent. This means some businesses with average ratings are likely missing out on many potential orders which are being lost, never to be recovered. Because our trust is fragile – and the options are many – it takes very little to be discouraged from buying from an online merchant.

In today’s consumer era it has become crucial to use reviews and ratings both as a trust symbol and as valuable insight into the areas of the customer journey that require improvement. Indeed, negative reviews should be viewed as an opportunity to improve, not a threat.

Star wars: Just five poor reviews can put off customers from a purchase

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the study is the revelation that it’s notably the level of service we receive that attracts the most vocal negative attention from customers — whether it’s items not arriving on time or at all, to a lack of delivery updates or canceled purchases. In fact, 77 percent of all 1-3 star feedback left by customers are related to problems or issues that occur after the customer clicks ‘buy’.

It’s vital to determine the specific stages where customers are evaluating and talking about their experiences and whether there are gaps or issues that need to be addressed. Businesses then need to consider new processes, technologies, or renewed investment in their operations to fix the failures driving poor feedback. 

Without the right mechanics in place to support quick and seamless service at every touchpoint, including handling orders, shipping and logistics, or to manage hassle-free returns, businesses will continue to fumble the ball in the end zone – the operations of the business. The last impression is key, and if this isn’t optimised, businesses will continue to find themselves attracting poor feedback, driving away potential shoppers and leaving a long-lasting stain on their reputation.

It’s not all bad news though. The technology now exists to not only be able to capture all those reviews and ratings but to also enable the whole organisation to act upon them, closing those gaps and improving the entire Customer Experience.

As Brightpearl’s report shows, a positive review – or 30 – can make a huge difference in the choices consumers make when it comes to selecting a brand or retailer. More positive reviews enhance a brand’s reputation with buyers above the competition, leading to increased conversion, retention, and spend.

To help get the most out of online reviews, businesses need to consider solutions which allow them to fulfil the modern expectations of customers – from same-next day delivery options to real-time shipping and incredible response times. With a great reviews strategy and the right technology in place, firms can focus on earning the five-star feedback needed to capture the attention – and the business – of today’s online shopper.

Now back to my original question – how important are ratings and reviews to your business?

CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamOctober 9, 2013


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CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamOctober 5, 2013


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CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamOctober 4, 2013


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CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamOctober 4, 2013


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CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamOctober 1, 2013


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Tel: 0207 1932 428

For Masterclass enquiries:
Tel: +44 20 86385584

Customer Experience Magazine Limited
Company number: 12450532
International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct,
United Kingdom, London, England, EC1A 2BN


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