Attracting the best talent is becoming increasingly difficult for UK businesses, which is why the most successful organisations are going above and beyond to create a thriving, engaging and fun working environment for their employees. In an intensely competitive market, it’s imperative that you stand out from the crowd.

Every year, employee engagement specialists Best Companies measure and recognise engagement levels through four esteemed Sunday Times Lists: the Best 25 Big Companies; the Best 100 Mid Companies; the Best 100 Small Companies; and the Best 100 Not-For-Profit Organisations.

Those that earn a place on a List demonstrate that they truly care about their employees, exceling in the eight factors that Best Companies uses in its methodology – developed alongside researchers at Plymouth University -to determine how engaged a workforce is.

The eight factors of engagement are:

  • My Manager
  • Leadership
  • My Company
  • Personal Growth
  • My Team
  • Giving Something Back
  • Fair Deal
  • Wellbeing

You can read about what each of these entails in greater detail here.

How do we measure performance?

Based on the survey response data, scores are averaged across all 8 factors to produce an overall score. It is this score which is used to compile the Lists. The list score is then used to calculate a BCI Score for each organisation. This score determines whether they are rated highly enough to receive Best Companies Accreditation – either a Ones to Watch, One Star, Two Star or Three Star status. You can find out more about the surveys here.

Registration for next year’s List is now open, and is the perfect opportunity for organisations to find out exactly how their employees feel about where they work. They can also see how they compare with other businesses in their sector.

Jonathan Austin, founder and Chief Executive of Best Companies, discussed why companies should prioritise employee engagement. He commented:

“Competition for talent is more intense than ever right now. Being identified as one of the very best organisations to work for is what will set you apart from the rest. More importantly, it demonstrates that your business is one that cares about and values its employees.”

“Whilst several organisations do work with us with the ultimate goal of achieving a place on the List, their real motivation behind taking part is to identify how they can make their organisation a better place to work.”

So if you’ve gone above and beyond to make your world a better workplace, get the recognition you deserve and sign up for your survey with Best Companies!

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