Here is what has been happening in the world of tech.


1. Andy Rubin’s tech startup, Essential, has received a strong ally. Amazon is ready to back them up and work together in the future.


2. iPhone 8 virtual home button will be resizable and you will have an option to hide it. Tab bars will extend under the home button.


3. Amazon finally joins the Google-born cloud projects with all the other major cloud service providers. Microsoft joined two weeks ago and now all top 5 cloud providers are on the same page.


4. Consumer Reports for Microsoft’s Surface laptops not so great. It turns out that Surface laptops are less reliable than other laptops out there.


5. Anita Hill: End of sexism in the tech industry if the number of lawsuits increases? A number of big tech companies are facing gender discrimination lawsuits.


6. HomePod software suggests the new iPhone 8 will be able to recognize the owner looking at it. When the device detects user looking at it, it will be able to turn off notifications.


7. New in-app chat introduced by Uber helps drive the communication between drivers and riders. A great feature improving the delivery of customer experience.


8. Non-toxic wearable batteries powered by salt water. Could this biodegradable battery power your next phone?


9. Latest news on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Release date and all the latest news.


10. An additional security measure to Gmail for iOS. Protection against phishing attempts and scam websites.

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