Latest Tech innovations and details you should know.

  1. Samsung confirmed they are working on smart speakers equipped with Bixby

2. How is Apple Inc. going to justify the iPhone 8 price? Are they gonna offer freebies with each purchase?

  3. UK government is offering £7.9m funding pot to tech innovation companies. The goal is to improve their rail network.

4. Google has improved its Street View cameras after a really long time. They will capture photos that are clearer, higher in resolution, and more vivid in color.


5. A digital map will be created to follow all the stories and locations of the Tower of London poppies.


6. Samsung could be taking the ‘edge-to-edge’ design to a completely new level


7. According to these photos, the Huawei Mate 10 is set to be one of the biggest flagship phones of the year.


8. Facebook is going to start charge businesses that want to conduct customer support through WhatsApp.


9. Microsoft is giving us three extra months to choose full Windows 10 S upgrade for free.


10. London architects who were supposed to build a rooftop running track for Google’s new office has built one for Adobe instead.

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