Today’s interesting news from the tech industry.


1. More Microsoft’s Surface hardware is coming our way, but no new phones on the horizon


2. Logitech has a new trackball mouse. Haven’t seen those in a while but they are making a comeback.


3. Epson has created a projector you can hide easily. Take a look at the ultra bright piece of equipment.


4. Vapour is among the first UK companies that started using voice comms product: Web RTC (Real Time Communications)


5. Now you can share Snapchat stories on Facebook. The Stories cross-posting feature is still being tested.


6. Digital Assets will probably reach $1 trillion in less than 2 years according to some predictions


7. AI powered voice-activated steering wheel could be something you could carry with you anywhere. Something to look forward to in 2040.


8. There are rumors that Google is going to buy HTC.


9. Latest Google App beta is indicating that the new version of Android will be will be Android 8.1.


10. Taxify, the new rival to Uber, is being investigated for their licenses by the Transport for London.

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