Freshest Tech news you missed over the weekend.



1. WhatsApp adds floating video calls feature in their latest update. After weeks of testing, it became a part of WhatsApp stable version.

  2. If you are using Safari on your Mac you will not be able to stream music through Spotify. The company does not support the Apple’s browser anymore.

3. CEO of Luminar Technologies is a child wonder who is evolving the way driverless cars see their surrounding

  4. Newcastle tech startup aims to create the Modyst Film Network. It is a new streaming platform with a goal to disrupt the way independent films are distributed and watched.

5. Blog: I hope Google can do to HTC what they did to Motorola.


6. Uber is increasing its prices per ride in UK. They want to give £5,000 to its drivers so that they can get greener cars


7. Microsoft and Facebook are working together on creating an open ecosystem for AI model interoperability.


8. Here are the best alternatives for iPhone X. TechRadar gives us examples of best phones able to replace the new iPhone.


9. ‘Now NHS’ is the new primary healthcare and pharmacy platform. A completely new app being launched this month.


10. The full-length view of the SpaceX space suit.

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