Check the list below to see what has been happening in the Tech Industry lately.

   1. WhatsApp is testing a feature to delete unseen messages. Now you will not need to worry about those embarrassing mistakes in spelling.

2. You think that iPhones are expensive now, just wait their price is only going up

   3. London dentist office accepts crypto-currencies as payment. The Dentacoin Foundation, an innovative technology oriented organisation which is setting new standards.

4. Tesla’s new electric truck will be revealed in October.

  5. In the future (according to Apple) technology will just know who you are and there will be no need for passwords. What would that mean for the Smartphone?

6. Business Insider found some crucial evidence on Facebook actually creating a Siri-like voice assistant

  7. Toyota got some amazing eye-tracking technology and they are testing it on news shoppers. This gives them an insight on what customer are looking at most.

8. Apple’s AI chip and everything there is to know about it


9. This robot just gave an amazing performance to an audience of 800 people.

   10. Instagram stores get even more creative with the news upgrades. Take a look what they are.

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