Here are the latest tech news stories from the UK and around the world…

   1. Google decides to buy HTC’s Pixel division for $1.1 billion. One-fifth of the Taiwanese firm’s total workforce will work under Google.
  2. The X Factor: How will the mobile apps and ad UX be influenced by the new iPhone?
  3. Woman CEO’s in World’s Tech Industry today. A list of successful women and their accomplishments.
  4. Facebook admits the whole tech industry can and should do something about online extremism. British PM and French president propose fining companies that are not quick enough to remove extremist content.
  5. Satellite broadband service from SpaceX might be called ‘Starlink’

   6. Now you can use the draw and drop shortcut on your iPad thanks to the new iOS 11Split your screen and you can easily move pictures you need.
   7. All the details about the Google Home Mini we know so farA new competitor to the Amazon Echo Dot.
  8. Microsoft’s HolodLens helps Ford design cars in augmented reality. Designers are able to see the changes on top of an existing physical vehicle, instead of the traditional clay model approach to car design.
  9. Delays at Apple: the new iPhone X could take longer hitting the shelves than we anticipated. Rumours suggest mass production has not yet begun.
  10. Reviews are not so good for Apple Watch Series 3. Phone calling causes concern for frustrated users.


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