Here are the latest tech news stories from the UK and around the world.

  1. Microsoft has just announced a new store on London’s Regent Street. There is no specific information on which building their store will occupy or when it will open.
   2. Apple is exploring options to enter the health care market. Their company is looking into research, medical devices, and more.
  3. Transport for London is denying Uber a new private hire licence. This will put 40,000 drivers’ jobs at risk and they can only operate until September 30.
   4. Facebook is adding a new layer to the world through its ‘AI Camera’.
  5. NHS needs to invest between £200 million and £250 million in the Leeds City region’s medical technology sector. This could mean an extra 4,000 jobs if the investment happens.
   6. Microsoft’s newly granted patent, titled ‘Holographic keyboard display’ will accompany its AR/VR environment. Will this kill the keyboard completely?
   7. Now you can learn how to build a flying or self-driving car on your own thanks to this programme. A new four-month course promises to teach the basics.
  8. Guardian reveals why did Google bought HTC and what their motives were
  9. The new control centre on iOS 11 doesn’t turn off wi-fi or Bluetooth properly.
    10. It appears that certain Qi wireless chargers could charge the Apple Watch Series 3.
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