Here is what has been happening in the world of tech over the weekend.


1. Disney is flying solo just so they wouldn’t get eaten by Netflix. They have decided to launch their own streaming service independently.

2. techUK is going to support the new digital training programme for North East women. A training designed especially for women who want to progress in the tech industry.  

3. Facebook’s Watch platform transforms a social network into a media platform. This move will most likely turn Facebook into one of the biggest TV players.


4. Sainsbury is trying out a new app service in London. Just check the items you want and after 30 minutes collect your order from the store.


5. The UK ranked 31st according to the broadband speed. Unexpectedly, the UK is behind most of Europe, according to the new study.


6. A new framework that brings blockchain to more businesses has been introduced by Microsoft and Intel. This cornerstone of Bitcoin could bring more secure transactions for businesses.


7. Google’s Digital Garage bus is providing free digital coaching to startups. It will be visiting more than 30 locations across London.


8. Big Ben is going to be quiet for the next four years. After working for 157 years it’s time for renovations.


 9. The rumour about Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release on 24th August is false.


 10. Microsoft’s freebie for Windows 10 expired but you can still update for free. There are two possible routes you can use to get the newest operating system.

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