Take a look at the latest news in the tech industry. News from Google, Amazon, PayPal and much more.


1. Google’s Daydream VR series let you visit celebrity’s closets. Take a peek at the Kendall Jenner’s wardrobe.


2. The Essential phone will start shipping within the next 7 days. Andy Rubin’s company is sending emails to notify their clients.


3. A citizen’s drone landed on Britain’s biggest warship and no one reacted. Guess that HMS Queen Elizabeth simply dropped their guard.

  4. New tools from tech giants, everything you need to know. Amazon, Google and Facebook have something news for us all.
 5. PayPal joined in pulling services from sites that accept payments or raise funds to promote violence, hate and intolerance.  

6. Gartner is predicting that the global cyber security spending will grow 7% year after year. It will reach $86.4 billion in 2017.


7. An Instant Pickup service, Prime Now, allows Amazon’s premium users to pick their order 2 minutes after ordering. Thus, eliminating waiting time.


8. Microsoft acquires Cycle Computing company to help develop its Azure services.


9. Hexa, new humanoid with 6 legs. You can teach him how to move and dance.


10. DJI drones are going to get a news feature that will stop the user’s data collection. A mode designed for secret flying.

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