See what has been happening on the Tech scene.


1. Biggest companies in the Tech industry banish extremists from their networks. Can this stop extreme views online translating into violence offline?


2. Leaked images of Galaxy Note 8 show how the phone would look like. How does it differ from other brand-new smartphones?


3. Google is working on a new search app designed to consume less data and perform faster. The new search service should consume less data and perform faster.


4. Righ after the launch of Nokia 8 there are rumours about Nokia 9 coming out soon. One thing we know is that it will have a larger screen than its predecessor.


5. Facebook is working on limiting clickbait videos. It appears they will end up buried in your News Feed from now on.


6. British High Street sales decline due to the fast development of online shopping. A ‘nation of shopkeepers’ is now closing its stores.


 7. An engineering breakthrough with soft robot development, they can heal themselves now. Read about this incredible technological development.


8. Here is new drone footage of how the Apple campus is coming along. They seem to be putting in the finishing touches right before the new iPhone launch.



9. This Fierce megabot is called Method-2 and it comes from Korea. It also looks like it came from a sci-fi movie set.


10. Researchers developed a new computing technology able to learn how to forget and mirror human mind. The technology is called organismoids, and it mimics the way human thought works.

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