Updates from the Tech Industry over the weekend. Find out what has been happening.

1. The British government is asking the biggest companies to help in the war against cybersecurity. It is a growing problem that Britain needs to address. 

2. Check out the new teaser videos for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8. Watch the two videos and discover the new features.



3. Six-second video preview will be introduced for mobile searches using Google. It will help you decide if that is the video you are looking for.


4. Barclays mobile banking is bringing a new iOS app that lets you make payments by giving Siri voice commands.


5. AI leaders are signing a petition to ban the use of lethal autonomous weapons. 116 leaders have signed the petition to ban the “killer robots.”


6. Facebook is working on creating glasses that would let you see virtual objects in the real world. Check out what features will these futuristic glasses have.


7. Microsoft’s speech recognition is getting better and better. The new record is that it can transcribe human speech with the 5.1% error rate.



8. The freshest news about the iPhone 8. New leaks indicate some amazing features.



9. Touchscreen replacement is a new way for hackers to get to your phone. Antivirus programmes could protect you from this.


10. How has the Nokia name influenced the Nokia 8. Would we care about it without its name?

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