All the Tech news you missed over the weekend.


1. Exploring how humanoid robots could be hacked. Ethical hackers have turned this robot into a dangerous machine.


2. What are the hidden features of Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Check out the video.


3. Dara Khosrowshahi, the current Expedia CEO, will become the next Uber CEO. Find out more about Dara.


4. Scientists and tech leaders are saying that robots will soon replace your smartphone.


5. Elon Musk’s Hyperloop reaches new top speed. The pod reached amazing 200mph.



6. Comparison: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone. What can Samsung do and iPhone can’t?


7. Steps on how to get out of the Apple ecosystem. The main reason is that it’s getting too expensive.



8. Mixed reality controllers from Microsoft’s work the same way as Oculus Touch just without cameras


9. Review: One week spent with the Samsung’s Bixby. There is a lot of potential but can it really compete against Apple, Google or Amazon?


10. Here is how you can protect your online identity. Follow these rules and protect your online life.

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