Latest tech innovations today.

  1. McDonald’s forms partnerships with technology agencies to upgrade their ordering technology. Numerous technological developments coming in the future.
  2. Google is currently testing a news Chrome tool to mute autoplay videos. An info bubble button will enable you to mute an entire webpage.

3. YouTube is changing its design and adding a number of new features


4. Samsung phones could soon be able to recognise your behaviour and unlock itself. Samsung phones will analyse your voice and the general pattern of usage.


5. Digital Assistants, Alexa and Cortana, will soon be integrated. Thanks to the new Microsoft and Amazon partnership.


6. WhatsApp will soon have a direct message option for businesses. Imagine sending a WhatsApp message to make dinner reservations.


7. Elon Musk’s plan to build tunnels under LA is getting closer to becoming reality.


8. Google and VMware partnering up to beat Amazon at cloud wars.


9. ‘WhopperCoin’ is the new Burger King’s cryptocurrency. Customers in Russia could earn these coins with purchase.


10. Domino’s is working together with Ford to bring us self-driving pica delivery cars.

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