Here are some of the latest news in the Tech industry.

 1. Apple finally joins Isntagram and shows how loyal its customers are. Also get the latest scoop on iPhone 8 rumours.  
 2. A completely new format of Michelin tires. New futuristic biodegradable airless wheels made by a 3D printer.  
 3. Google has done it again – Another Google Glass is on sale. This one is built for the corporate crowd.
 4. Samsung is feeling generous with the arrival of new Galaxy Note 8. With every purchase, you will get a useful gift.  
 5. Tech megatrends have taken over our lives and we need to stop obsessing with them. Why don’t we have smart washing machines?  
 6. Google’s engineer who wrote the diversity memo has failed a complaint. Federal labour officials have been notified.  
 7. Unlocking stranger’s cars with my phone. It’s not a robbery, it’s just an app.  
 8. Huddle, a UK tech start-up, is being sold for an amazing deal. One source estimated the deal at $89 million.  
 9. iPhone 8 will be available in 3 colours.  
 10. Snapchat’s Lifestage app has been shut by Facebook. A lot has been learned from this app and Facebook is keen on incorporating its features.  

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