Here is the latest tech news to get you started this week.

  1. Londoners could soon be getting a new much faster and more reliable built-in Wi-Fi on their trains.

2. NewVoice Media’s CloudFest in London is gathering top thought leaders to present their innovations in action.


3. Apple could be low of the iPhone X stock in 2018. Are “supply constraints” the only reason for this?

  4. eMarketer conducted a research saying Google and Facebook are expected to account for over half of UK digital ad revenues by the end of the year.

5. Is losing the headphone jack really a good move?


6. Sapa, UK aluminium plant, is reopening to supply materials for the London’s new electric cabs


7. Facebook’s AI research is expanding. They have hired an expert as a head of their new AI lab in Montreal.


8. From January, Chrome will stop auto video playback. Videos will only be played if sound is off or you have previously shown interest in the content.


9. Now you can finally disable the Bixby button on your phone. Samsung decided to listen to their customers and allowed this button to be optional.


10. Smart Homes are getting better and better, how will they take care of us in the future?

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