The Customer Journey Management Lab

Designed by

Ian Golding CX Framework in Collaboration with ECC Agile CX Implementation and Olga Potapseva


3rd and 4th October – 9am UK time to 4:30pm UK time


  • What is customer journey management?
  • Understanding our customer
    • Importance of customer insight and understanding
    • Creation and management of customer personas
  • Customer journey mapping
    • Current state
    • Future state
  • CX measurement
    • VOC
    • VOE
    • VOP
  • Prioritisation
  • Addressing the priorities
    • Traditional process improvement methodologies
    • Design Thinking
    • CX Agile execution
      • Common challenges in project management today
      • A comprehensive execution framework to achieve results, align with business objectives, and enjoy the process
      • Practice 7 levels of agile CX approach to achieve speed, flexibility and stability
      • Get comfortable with managing projects on
      • Obtain a toolkit for modern teamwork techniques
      • Tips to engage cross functional teams and sustain that engagement throughout project execution

Ian Golding

Global Customer Experience Specialist and Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP)


October 03/04
The Customer Journey Management Lab

Price £899

Region UK
Timezone BST


“I want to thank you for your inspirational delivery at the CX Masterclass. I took it as a given that you deliver CX training when I signed up, but what you also delivered was passion.nnI’m excited about what this means for me and the next steps in my Customer Experience journey, and I hope to work with you at some point in the future.”

Jenny Brightmoren – E-commerce Investigations Manager

“Ian is very knowledgeable and his training style is very clear, simple and rich in real life examples.nThe content is absolutely compelling. Thank you also for the support and care from Antonija and the certificate of attendance!”

Vanessa Milann – Voice of the Customer

“Super responsive staff, amazing experience and Ian’s knowledge on the topic is beyond imagination.”

Akos Tolnain – CEO

“I enjoyed the course. It reinforced in some areas, but a lot of day 2 was new content and very engaging. Day 2 was very strong, both in content and in delivery. nI think it is preferable to have both facilitators on both days as their styles are very different and a balance of the two on both days would be perfect. Content on day 2 was exactly what I needed.”

Unette Spencern – Principal Consultant