Yesterday was a truly exciting day for the Turkey CX community and the Awards International team. The first-ever Turkey CX awards were hosted by amazing CX Professionals Ian Golding and Sinem Yüksel, followed by Greg Melia who gave a fantastic opening speech. We should not miss mentioning Gökhan Kara, who headed the steering council and did an excellent job in advising the Awards International team to meet the needs of the CX community in Turkey.

There were 30 companies presenting the best CX case studies in 18 different CX categories. It was a real learning journey held on the 10th of June! The afternoon was followed by a panel discussion about the state of CX in the region, counting experts such as CX Trend Talks and Awards Steering Council speakers. The panel was chaired by Neil Skehel, the CEO of Awards International.

Have you already heard who the lucky winners are?

An image showing the winners' announcement during the first turkey CX awards

We are glad to report the overall winner of TCXA21 is Hepsiburada, the largest e-commerce platform in Turkey. This is an epic success for the company looking to innovate and move forwards at the pace of the whole industry.

The full list of the winners is available on the Awards International website.

The Turkey CX community is yet to grow together with the amazing team behind Awards International. We are excited about our future together. Congratulations to all the participants and see you next year!

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