During the online Gulf Customer Experience Awards held in Dubai earlier this year, Ian Golding shared precious insights into the subject of the CX future. His talk inspired a Q&A session between Ian Golding, Ian Stokol and Neil Skehel.

A diagram explaining the future of CX

During the conversation, Ian Stokol shared his diagram demonstrating the experience evolution. The model involves six components: PX, MX, BX, UX, CX, and HX. At the very top of his diagram is the human experience as a vitally important element for any business growth.

On the other hand, Ian Golding stressed the importance of disruptive thinking within organizations themselves. He intived companies to ask questions based on crucial topics of humanity, sustainability, and a holistic long-term vision.

Listen to the full audio to find out more about professional opinions on CX future development.

About Ian Golding

A highly influential freelance Customer Experience consultant, Ian advises leading companies on Customer Experience strategy, measurement, improvement and employee advocacy techniques and solutions. An internationally renowned speaker and blogger on the subject of customer experience, Ian also served on the inaugural board of Directors of the CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals Association).

About Ian Stokol

As one of the 2019 CX Impact Award Winners, and international CX Awards judge, Ian continues to work in and study Customer Experience Management, Human-Centred Design and Project Management. He bridges the gap between organisational strategy, its implementation and evolution. In his own time, Ian is a CXPA CX Mentor and an IxDF Design League Mentor.

About Neil Skehel

Neil Skehel is the CEO of Awards international & Founder of UK & International Customer Experience Awards, Employee Experience Awards, Digital Experience Awards. He runs business awards programmes in the UK, UAE, Netherlands and Turkey.

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