This first episode of our CX Lore interview session features a conversation with the fantastic Madeline di Nonno. Madeline is the CEO of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, a non-profit advocating for equal representation for women in media.

In 2021, the Institute released the report ‘Ready for Girls’ conducted with the LEGO group. They surveyed over 7,000 parents and children across s countries with the aim to discover what factors impact creativity and playing experience.

As their research suggests, the existing LEGO figures discourage boys and girls from reimagining their possible identities. This finding motivated LEGO to remove gender references from its famous building block sets.

Fascinated by these findings and their importance to society, we had to meet Madeline and find out more about the research methodology, insights, and challenges we have to bring to the business table.

In this interview, we talked to Madeline about:

  • The methodology behind this fascinating research
  • How is creativity gendered
  • What shapes playing experiences across different cultures
  • What findings made LEGO work towards genderless building blocks
  • How companies can apply machine learning to create more inclusive and biased free content

To read the full Ready for Girls report and find out more about the work of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, follow the link.

CX lore · LEGO Ready for Girls creativity study: interview with Madeline di Nonno

Interview credits

Interview design: Venesa Musovic

Sound editing: Christophe Guillaume

Music: Green Fever by Flash Fluharty

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