Nick Brice, Judge at the UK Employee Experience Awards, is passionate about employee experience. He gave us some sound bites on what makes a good employee experience and why he’s looking forward to judging at the Awards.

I’ve had the privilege as a consultant to have worked with a great range of clients and situations across 5 continents, where I’ve been asked to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their working climate and creating solutions to help drive up engagement scores and customer experience performance. I always aim to use a strengths approach – looking for what works, and how to do more of it, and creating positive platforms for people to develop work cultures that continue to inspire and develop people – and I think research has shown that in the UK, we need to keep working on this area.

I think the employee experience journey starts with the reputation of the organisation and at the website and application process. I loved the example of the Bellagio in Las Vegas, who wanted to give every single applicant, of the thousands they would assess and interview, the same level of experience a VIP might get. they could easily schedule appointments on line (no queuing), the personal welcome in parking lot, notifying the greeter at the door of their name so that the greeter used their name when they got to the door, assigning them to a computer terminal for application, thanking them on-screen and then directing them to a member of staff to complete their application. From the word go, the brand was on show, winning loyalty, and for those who didn’t make it, the reputation of the Bellagio was set at the highest level.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the entries, as I’m really passionate about this subject. I love hearing about powerful ways to create a compelling and inspiring employee experience, and I’m really excited about seeing all the creativity and energy of the people who are going for this award.”

If you would like to discuss becoming a Judge at the UK Employee Experience Awards 2014 please email, or call Jess Underwood on 0207 193 4757.

Nick Brice
Nick Brice

Nick is a managing consultant, speaker/facilitator of 28 years. He’s delivered numerous blue chip brand-culture engagement programmes on a global/local scale. First ever ‘triple Gold’ award winner with National Training Journal (Leadership Development, Change Management and Learning Partnership) for developing the American Express Community Stadium sports-hospitality culture/customer experience. He runs an award winning arts organisation specialising in VerbatimPlayback™ encounters to immerse leaders and staff in the world of the customer/employee. He’s co-author of the inside-out branding text – ‘Brand Alchemy’ (2007).

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