Here are some of the latest news in the Tech industry. Take a look at what you have missed over the weekend.

1. Self-driving cars could be fooled by altering objects around them. Probably one of the biggest problems with smart cars that could cause confusion and malicious acts by hackers.
 2. WannaCry ‘hero’ who stopped major ransomware attack admitted he wrote the code for Kronos malware that targeted banks. However, he is planning to plead not guilty according to his lawyer.
3. Apple is allegedly releasing a new Apple Watch with its own internet connection. The new Apple watch would not depend on the connection with the iPhone.
 4. The UK Government has issued guidelines for smart vehicles. The goal is to encourage owners to increase their vehicles’ cybersecurity.
   5. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 will reportedly have an in-display fingerprint reader. A lot of tech giants are having issues with this particular feature.
   6. A patent from Amazon indicates they want to build a mobile drone maintenance and delivery platform. A system of ‘intermodal vehicles’ that would deliver packages with the help of drones.
 7. A minivan was spotted in DC, but no one was driving it. A mysterious Ford Transit van.
 8. Silicon Valley millionaires get paid at large but how does their every day look like. An inside into the secret lives of so called ‘coasters’.
 9. Insights into the future of technology from the Moscow’s quantum tech summit. Here are the 5 most interesting things to follow.
 10. The new Apple TV will support 4K and HDR. It should support HDR no matter which TV or media services you use.

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