We picked the best Apple articles you should know. Here is everything about Apple’s iPhone event.


1. Everything Apple announced at the yesterday’s keynote. Take a look at the newest features.


2. Watch the Engadget’s summary of the whole event in only 13 minutesFind out about the entire event in 13 minutes.


3. Take a peek at the most important promotional videos from Apple’s event


4. Everything we know about the iPhones so far. Comparison: iPhone 8 vs. iPhone 8 Plus vs. iPhone X.


5. Apple Watch 3 LTE is your new wrist phoneAn intriguing news feature added to apple watch.


6. Will the new Face ID give you higher legal protection over the passcode or a fingerprint?


7. The iPhone X has face-tracking added to ARKitIt has been discussed quickly at the keynote.


8. The desktop iOS App store is removed by the Apple’s iTunes update. Apps would need to be managed directly from your iPhone or iPad.


9. AppleCare+ for your new iPhone X is going to be expensive. Better opt for the extended warranty to protect your phone.


10. Apple is pricing its news products the same in dollars and pounds. Why is that?

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