by Marija Pavlović, Editor, Customer Experience Magazine


Hi mum,

As I’ve heard, Athens is amazing. I mean, it must be with all its history and cultural heritage. I wouldn’t know. I’ve been stuck in the airport for 3 hours. Boooring. Just trying to kill some time.
Send kisses to Dad


P.S. I tried to buy you that lipstick you like at the airport, but the line was just insane.


Hi Ana,

Yes, it’s a postcard. I bet you did not expect a postcard. Call me a romantic, but I like that retro-chic vibe.
Oh, who am I kidding? The truth is, the hotel wifi doesn’t work. Can you believe it? I am trying really hard to be positive about it, to switch off or whatever. But come on, no internet? Seriously?

Anyway, just wanted to congratulate you on your new job. That’s the last update I’ve seen on Facebook before we lost internet connection.

Chat soon, hopefully. XXXOOO

Drama queen M

P.S. Can’t wait to leave a hotel review.


Hey honey,

The trip to Spain turned into a business+pleasure kind of a thing. We closed the deal (yay) and the client recommended me the coolest city spots and some hidden restaurant jewels. I possibly had the best tapas ever.

The only thing that bothers me is siesta. I just can’t get used to it, I keep forgetting about their weird working hours. Luckily, a shop near my hotel worked around it perfectly, it’s working even when nobody else does. Their employees literally saved my life, as I couldn’t get the contract printed anywhere else and I was already late for the meeting. It all ended well, thank to Olivia, the kindest girl who works there, whom now I consider mi amiga mejor!

I’m coming home soon, after a few more tapas. Besos!

Wish you were here, you’d love it!


How was your holiday?

The themes of the September issue of Customer Experience Magazine are Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism. You must admit, they are the tricky ones as holidays probably bring the best and the worst out of people.

The wanderlust in all of us imagines a travel as a fairytale land of infinite excitement, adventure, joy, tranquillity and happiness. In reality, apart from the amazing photos and memories made, we often face long museum lines, misunderstandings due to the cultural differences, poor service, blisters, sunburns, stomach aches, all in all – our dreamlike expectations not being met.

A part of the blame for inconvenient things happening lies within us. We did not check the weather forecast, forgot to bring the comfy shoes, or we simply made the wrong destination choice carried away by the spirit of adventure.

The Couple Who Quit Their Ad Jobs to Travel the World Ended Up Poor and Scrubbing Toilets

However, the rest of the blame has to be on the other side of the fence. What is a must for hotels today to meet travellers’ expectations? Do you care about customer feedback? Is it possible to get proper food as a tourist today? What do your online reviews tell about your business?

The list of the questions like these goes on. Therefore, in this issue, within the articles referring to our monthly themes, our contributors tried to share some valuable insights that might help us all realise what makes a great customer experience in Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism industry today. And more importantly, what kind of journeys should companies take to get to that magical destination.

Have a safe trip.

eBook: Connecting Customer Journeys: An Executive Q&A Featuring Emirates Airline

P. S. Have Love, Will Travel

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