In October this year, Customer Experience Magazine celebrates its 10th anniversary. Our team went busy hosting the month of festivity. Autumn turned out to be an eventful season for us, and we embraced it with the greatest joy and creativity.

Along with the big event we organized to celebrate CX Day 2021, we hosted a successful and engaging gathering called CXM time machine on the 7th of October as a part of the CX TV programme at Awards International. What was so fantastic about it?

The head of CXM Aleksandar Ilic hosted an insightful conversation with exceptional guests from Forrester and Kantar. He invited Joana de Quintanilha and Maurice van der Heijden to reflect on their career paths, as well as their hopes for the CX future.

Who doesn’t want to know what the future holds? Instead of keeping our heads below the radar, we want to be on the front line and write the CX future together with you!

Here is what you can expect to hear in the CXM Time Machine video:

  • Insights by Forrester’s VP and principal analyst Joana de Quintanilha about the importance of distinguishing bad and good frictions and the importance of emotions in CX
  • Unique perspective on the CX industry development and directions for the CX future shared by Maurice van der Heijden, the Global Head of CX Partnerships at Kantar

About Joana de Quintanilha

Based in Amsterdam, Joana serves customer experience professionals. Her areas of expertise include digital customer experience, tools like journey mapping, and Agile methods. Joana also focuses on brand and leads Customer Experience Index research in Europe.

Maurice van der Heijden

Maurice leads the global CX practice and CX partnerships at Kantar, working with a global team of CX experts to define, track and activate their customers’ CX strategies. Throughout his career at Kantar, Maurice has been instrumental in driving the development of new, technology-based CX offers and bringing these to market.

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