At TripAdvisor, we are proud to be a platform for the worldwide travel community to share their experiences, tips and advice with others. So we embarked on a special CRM initiative which focused on celebrating what motivates TripAdvisor members most: the positive feeling they get from helping others, and the sense of pride they have of their status within the community. We created a unique leaderboard programme, which allowed us to update our members on how many readers they had, how active they were in comparison to others in their local area, and other information about their place within our community of millions. The response from TripAdvisor members to the campaign was phenomenal, delivering a positive business impact and a very positive reaction on social media.

“Our CRM team put their heart and soul into this campaign, and the positive reaction we got from members made all the hard work worth it. To win a Customer Experience Award has been the icing on the cake – it is a great honour, and one we’re especially proud of because it highlights what we delivered for our customers,” commented James Kay, TripAdvisor.

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