TTEC, a leading global Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS) partner for many of the world’s most iconic and disruptive brands, has had its RealPlay™ AI-powered training technology named Disruptive Technology of the Year 2020 by Customer Contact Week.

TTEC’s revolutionary proprietary RealPlay leverages the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI), voice recognition, machine learning technology, responsive game development, and data visualisation to simulate the same real-world customer scenarios (good and bad) agents experience before they take live calls from real customers.

As remote work environments have become the norm for businesses in a COVID-19 world, the need to onboard and train employees remotely has risen dramatically. With RealPlay, organisations can ensure that new employees are trained faster and continuously improve their skills, even if they are in a work-from-home environment.

Clients who deployed RealPlay experienced 57 percent reduction in on-boarding times, 50 percent reduction in contact centre nesting, and 75 percent increase in speed-to-proficiency.

RealPlay’s three components work cooperatively and seamlessly to prepare learners for success by ensuring 99 percent of learners achieve proficiency within 60 days:

  • RealPlay BOT – AI-powered engine that provides asynchronous practice, consistent feedback and personalise coaching
  • RealPlay Sandbox – Responsive frontend and database that enables HIPAA and PCI compliant systems practice
  • RealPlay Dashboard – Operations-based, insights platform that provides KPI performance, including speed to proficiency

Iain Banks, Group Vice President at TTEC in EMEA, said: “Customer expectations have doubled over the last few months and contact centres the world over are having to adjust. It’s therefore critical that they have the best tools available so they can pivot and deliver their best performance to our clients in real-time. AI is here to stay and revolutionising the way contact centres are working. Here at TTEC we have already seen more productive and engaged agents, and a significant increase in CX and operational efficiencies.”

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