Over two thirds of Brits say they waste time at work, almost half of these people say they do so by chatting to colleagues. The data comes from a survey conducted by conference call provider, Conference Genie. The survey was conducted on 2,000 full time UK workers who are based in either offices or working from home.

The survey also revealed that UK workers feel themost productive between the hours of 9am-11am on Tuesday morning. The majority of UK workers get the Friday feeling and feel the least productive on Fridays between 3pm-5pm.

Lack of sleep, loud atmosphere and lack of energy proved to be the top three things that have a negative effect on productivity levels in the workplace. But another contributing factor was salary, 1 in 10 UK workers blame their salary for their low productivity levels.

Men and women believe their productivity levels are affected by different things – women think their productivity levels are at their highest when they have had lots of sleep; however men think they are at their highest when they work on their own.

Flexible working enables employees to find out where, when and how they work best. Whether that’s working staggered hours to work when they’re most productive or remote working in a more favourable environment, it all depends on the individual employee.”

Simon Prince, Marketing Director at Conference Genie


When looking at the difference between industries, the data shows that:

  • Employees in the Marketing, advertising and PR sector are much more productive when they’re listening to music (62%)
  • Nearly half of the hospitality and events sector feel the most productive on a Monday
  • 37% of the public services sector are more productive when they’re happy with their wage or salary
  • More than a fifth of the accountancy, banking and finance sector are more productive when they regularly exercise
  • 4% of workers in the education sector lose their productivity when they’ve got too many meetings scheduled


  • A survey of 2,000 full time workers based in offices or working from home, in the UK was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Conference Genie. Specific split sample sizes are available on request.
  • Conference Genie are an instant conference calling service – one of the leading free conference call services in the UK.

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