The quality of Customer Experience in the UK is falling according to worrying new data.

The 2017 Customer Experience Index published by US market researcher Forrester surveyed over 27,000 adult consumers across Europe to gauge their thoughts on 96 brands. In the UK, the scores of twice as many brands decreased rather than increased, and not one brand rose to the top of the rankings and continued to move upward.

The research showed that scores for the “elite” brands in the UK remained flat, identifying a CX “leadership gap”. This was compared to Germany, where scores for brands improved, though not dramatically.

Meanwhile, France also scored poorly, with more than half of brands there scoring in ‘poor’, or ‘very poor’ categories. The Index data points to emotion having a bigger influence on customer loyalty than effectiveness or ease in nearly every industry.

It also shows that customers do not value ‘happiness’ above all else when dealing with European brands, despite what the brands themselves believe.

Commenting on the Index in Forbes, CX expert Blake Morgan warned that the results showed many firms faced an uncertain future:

“The coming year could make or break customer experience for many companies. With stagnated or dropping customer satisfaction, now is the time for brands to recommit to customer experience as a priority. Companies that adopt Forrester’s predictions may be well on the path to success.”


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