VitalityHealth has won a 2018 UK Customer Experience Award, topping the Best Financial Services – Insurance category.

The Vitality team offered judges an insight into their Active Rewards programme, for which the insurer partnered with Apple, allowing Apple Watch wearers to earn perks for being more physically active.

A spokesperson explained: “Integrating the Apple Watch reward with our existing Active Rewards programme brought about new challenges. None of our existing incentives included a requirement to supply finance to our customers. We therefore initiated a relationship with a third party company, Paybreak, to help design the unique payment plan required.
“The idea was to make the finance provided to the customer contribution-based, with the monthly payment amounts dependent on their level of health activity achieved through their device.”
They added: “Thanks to the appointment of a project team, with executive steer, the initiative was delivered within the intended timeline, allowing customers to take advantage of our exciting, new reward straight away. Furthermore, due to the positive strides taken by Vitality hand-in-hand with Apple, we were granted exclusive access to provide our
customers with the Apple Watch Series 3 ahead of all other markets.”



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