DueDil releases DueDil Connect to change the way businesses identify opportunities via their team’s network

  • DueDil Connect combines the power of individual networks with DueDil’s comprehensive company information
  • DueDil Connect uncovers hidden opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be found with conventional sales tools, like CRM

DueDil, the data intelligence company that gives businesses a platform to identify opportunities and manage risk, today announced the launch of DueDil Connect. DueDil Connect is a new feature that transforms how teams can find key business leaders and contacts by linking their networks together with comprehensive company information.

For many teams – especially sales and recruitment – identifying and reaching out to decision-makers is part of their daily workflow. However, this is a manual process that is often time-consuming and tedious, relying on partially complete and static CRM information, outdated emails or LinkedIn profiles.

DueDil Connect solves this problem, as users can map their contact network across a unique pool of public profiles. This shows teams who they are connected to and how best to be introduced to them, allowing them to easily leverage warm connections when reaching out to businesses they want to work with.

By linking this contact pool to DueDil’s extensive business database, DueDil aims to provide a detailed look inside every company in the UK, including individual job titles, social media profiles and organisational structures.

DueDil CEO Damian Kimmelman said:

“DueDil Connect allows teams to use the power of their social networks to work together – enabling them to find the ideal contact at any company and the best way to reach them. DueDil already provides comprehensive information on every business, public and private, in the UK and Ireland – now we help users contact the most relevant people within those companies. DueDil lets you contact the right person, in the right company, at the right time.”

Customers who have used DueDil Connect say the feature has already helped them identify who their teams know across different businesses, regions and industries, helping them target their sales outreach more efficiently.

Brandon Smith, UK Country Manager at Kantox, the foreign exchange platform for businesses, said: “In a sales campaign, a warm introduction is so much better than a cold lead. Connect lets us see what relationships we already have and how we can use those best to reach company directors and executives. We’re already using Connect on a daily basis.”

Louis Kwakye, Engagement Consultancy Manager at Reward Gateway, the SaaS employee engagement software provider, said: “Being able to see social connections across our networks is invaluable, as it enables us as a sales team to map out who we know and how best to contact them. Connect allows us to integrate the social aspect of business into our sales strategy, and it’s going to be an integral tool for Reward Gateway, and for companies like us.”

DueDil Connect:

  • Helps users get in contact with decision-makers in target companies
  • Provides information on job titles and social media profiles
  • Reveals shared contacts with these decision-makers, making it simple to leverage a warm connection from within your team
  • Provides DueDil users with relevant news and notifications on companies where they have contacts
  • Enables users to instantly search for companies where they can get an introduction


DueDil Connect is available now to all Enterprise users by activating the feature on their DueDil account. It will be available to all Premium and Free users at a later date via a phased roll-out.

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