To help businesses explore new demands in the CS industry and prepare for growth, CXM is hosting an insightful webinar in collaboration with Freshworks.

They analyzed 107 million support interactions to uncover the elements crucial for delightful customer service. Speed emerged as the most important factor to improve customer satisfaction and our guests for the webinar will tell you exactly how.

The webinar will find a place on Zoom on the 25th of August at 11h Dubai time. Follow the link to register for the event!

What is this webinar about?

At CXM, we regularly update you on changes in CX trends and initiatives. In the last couple of months, many of our contributors reflected on the topic of customer service. The CX experts often highlight customer service should be at the centre of the business growth strategy. With more than 60% of consumers across the UK, EU, US, and APAC trying new brands due to habits induced by the pandemic, there’s no wonder why.

Due to the constant economic pressures, demanded store closings and rapidly changing customer behaviour, businesses have found themselves struggling to survive. Digital solutions allowed companies to switch to online interactions and interact with customers in other ways. However, online communications also made the lines between sales and service disappear. With that in mind, companies cannot treat customer service reactively anymore. What is the next best thing to do in this situation?

Here is what you’ll learn:

With this webinar, we’ll try to answer some of these challenges:

● Why customer service should be a focal point in your growth strategy

● Why the speed of service is the key factor in ensuring customer satisfaction

● A deep dive into the steps your organization can take to improve the speed of service

● Real stories of how the speed of service has impacted customer satisfaction

Engage in the conversation

Are you excited about this conversation just like we are? Join this webinar to learn how you can speed up your customer service and provide delightful interactions. Register today via our LinkedIn event page and get engaged in the chat conversation to share your experiences.

We encourage all participants to challenge the speakers with questions, so we can explore the topic together and draw even better conclusions. See you on the 25th of August!

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