93digital, the London-based WordPress Agency, specialising in the design & development of WordPress websites celebrated their win at this year’s UK Digital Experience Awards, securing Gold in the category for Best Website.

93digital in partnership with Mitie swept the virtual floor at the UK Digital Experience Awards which were truly digital, taking place online from start to finish. The winners were thrilled to win a Gold in what they do best – creating and designing websites.

Once the dust settled on an amazing event, 93digital told CXM about the challenges they had while preparing the initiative, what adapting to changing customer need required and their experience after the awards…

Tell us a bit about your company and the work you do.

93digital is the London WordPress Agency. We work with clients globally to deliver UX, design and development, specialising in working with the WordPress CMS.

We work with ambitious marketing and content teams, often in B2B and technology businesses, to deliver the websites that sit at the heart of our client’s digital marketing. We view the websites we deliver as marketing machines – aligned with the B2B buyer journey, primed for lead generation, optimised for conversion, heavily influenced by SEO research from the beginning and ready to be fueled with great content.

We only ever take on strategic projects where there is a combination of strategy, design and development. On a personal level I’m driven by making an impact for clients, and really seeing the needle move in a positive direction. So great design and great development are important, but how they both fit into the bigger picture is the most important thing for me.



What does winning a Gold Award for the Best Website in the UK mean to you? 

Winning the top award in the Best Website category for our work in partnership with Mitie has meant a lot for all of our team. Delivering a project like this takes a huge amount of work across lots of people, both on our team and our client Mitie’s team. There is lots of unsung heroes in a project like this, from our project managers who are really on the front line, to our UX & design team navigating complex stakeholders landscapes to our development team delivering enterprise grade work.

The Gold Award is testament to the hard work on both sides, but most of all to the impact of the project. Ultimately great digital experiences are about real world business impact, demonstrated in a language that an entire business can understand. As marketers we can talk about time on site and bounce rates and other often slightly irrelevant indicators all day. This project might look like ‘just another website’ but it’s a great example of how a strategic research-driven project, UX focused approach and the CMS agility of enterprise grade WordPress can come together to make a huge impact. The impact in terms of lead generation and pipeline generation has been significant, to the point that they have completely shifted horizons on what is possible from digital.



What would you highlight as the challenge during the development of your initiative?

Delivering a project like this, particularly when it creates so much change as it progresses, can be challenging from a stakeholder perspective. Ultimately a website like this is far reaching in how it touches all parts of a business, far beyond just the marketing and communications team.

The pressures of timelines and budgets need to be carefully balanced with stakeholder engagement, and making sure everyone comes on the journey. Taking a research driven and evidence-based approach to the UX and design process for the project really helped with this, along with lots of regular meetings and workshops involving key stakeholders on both sides.

Our primary stakeholder at Mitie, Head of Strategic Communication David Wiggin, was also instrumental in ensuring that the wider Mitie business was consulted with and were part of shaping the project and contributing to its success.

How is 93digital adapting to evolving customer trends?

The marketers we work with need to move faster than ever before. The response to COVID-19 has been a good example of this in practice, but even before that, it’s been important.

For our clients to be able to provide great digital customer experiences to their customers, they need to be able to move with flexibility and agility, without being held back by hard to use legacy technology platforms, and long and costly development lifecycles. Technology should exist to empower our clients, not restrain them.

Marketers these days are expected to deliver results quickly, so we’ve been seeing lots of demand from marketing teams who are fed up with being held back by the slow, clunky, expensive and hard to use technology and website content management systems they have been lumbered with.

What advances will 93digital be making in the coming years in terms of Digital Experience?

We’re always thinking about how we can build out what I refer to as the ‘intelligence layer’ that sits on top of our projects. WordPress is a powerful content management system which gives our clients the foundations to do a lot, but we’re working on how we can more closely integrate WordPress into the wider MarTech stack.

That includes everything from more native integrations with marketing automation platforms that we work with regularly (like HubSpot, Pardot and Marketo) through to CRM integrations, personalisation, multilingual deployments, AI-driven content recommendations, more intelligent security, powerful ‘content hubs’.

These internal investments we’re making will be a central part of driving faster and more effective digital experiences over the years ahead.

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