Winning entries for the 2013 UK Customer Experience Awards have been analysed by the Cranfield Customer Management Forum (CCMF) and will soon feature in a White Paper.

Entitled ‘Experience Co-creation: Lessons from the UK Customer Experience Awards 2013’ the White Paper identifies the themes of co-creation in the winning cases.

Dr Emma Macdonald, Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Research Director at CCMF, explained: “The notion of ‘co-creation’ recognises that positive customer experience depends on a high level of interaction and collaboration between us and our customers.

“It compares these observations with what is already known through an analysis by three Cranfield Masters thesis students.”

Marketing Students Marisa Brandt, Gladys Ge and Yingxue Gong used data from last year’s UK Customer Experience Awards for their thesis work. This allowed them to use real businesses case studies for their MSc Strategic Marketing thesis. They are now co-authors on the white paper, which uses some of their frameworks and thesis research.

On February 27 CCMF will be hosting a workshop for members on the theme of Customer Experience Management. The event will include presentations from selected winners of the UK Customer Experience Awards.

It will also include a presentation of some brand new Cranfield research looking at how companies take action from insight. Members of Cranfield Customer Management Forum include include RBS, British Gas, BP and London Symphony Orchestra.

If you are interested in becoming a member of CCMF and attending the event, please email and ask for Pippa Highfield, Member Relationship Manager.

The Cranfield School of Management, one of Europe’s leading university management schools, has launched a new Customer Experience programme aimed at helping businesses implement and develop a customer experience strategy to bring them closer to their customers.

EmmaProgramme Director Dr Emma Macdonald commented: “In the past customers learned about products and services through what a company told them. This is no longer the case. Keeping close to customers has never been more important as empowered consumers take less notice of marketing campaigns, listening instead to the experience of other customers, online and offline, and doing their own research.

‘Customer Experience Strategy: Creating a customer-centric organisation’ starts at Cranfield in May 2014. If you are interested in the programme please contact Laura Lack: T: 01234 758122 or E:

UK Customer Experience Awards 2013

Photo shows Dr Emma Macdonald with the marketing students involved in the White Paper

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